Nonverbal Communication and Body Language

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I just want to warn everyone before attempting to take this class because it seems easy and the reviews are "not that bad" that this was the WORST class I have taken at UCLA by a milestone. I also would like to preface this by saying that I am a good student too and this class was the first time I have ever received a D on anything. Anyways so the class consists of the professor and the TA. There is no discussion for this class only a lecture. Also, keep in mind that the professor is a researcher at UCLA and the TA is her assistance so they are super close. Basically the entire class you sit in on these lectures which are these TERRIBLY designed slides of just photos and then she explains experiments and studies all class. Its just study after study and by the end of the class you've essentially heard over 100 different studies. Her slides are also designed in a way that its impossible to understand if you didn't attend lecture since its basically all pictures. Then you have readings every single week too that are extremely complex that we never ever go over in class. The exams are supposedly 50/50 of lecture and readings but I swear she purposely puts the most difficult things on the exam which by the way is all short answer. Anyways this class is seriously not worth the time and to put it in perspective of the number of studies you have to memorize in this class the midterm and the final each were 50 plus page study guides that the class created because there is that much information. Also, the TA knows absolutely nothing and there's basically no way to get help. There were multiple rants on how difficult this class was for no reason. Save yourselves and take a way easier elective.

Spring Quarter 2019
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