Cynthia Strathmann

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Selected Topics in Cultural Anthropology See Full Profile

Overall 4.8 Easiness 2.2 Workload 2.5 Clarity 4.8 Helpfulness 4.2

Most Helpful Review

I took Anthro and the Media from Prof. Strathmann and really enjoyed the class. There were a few weeks where the reading was overwhelmingly dense, but for the most part it was very manageable. There are two 3-page papers and then a paper at the end where the first two are combined and a third part is added. Prof. Strathmann was more than willing to discuss my topic with me and help me work through the theory. As long as you pay attention, the tests aren't too bad. I'd recommend this class.

(June 13, 2002)
Anthropology of Religion See Full Profile

Overall 4.5 Easiness 2.0 Workload 2.7 Clarity 4.7 Helpfulness 4.5

Most Helpful Review

She is a very engaging professor, which was a definite plus for an 8:30 am class. I took this class during summer school which made it more rushed that it should have been, but she describes everything very well. If you do the readings, although extensive, and pay attention in lecture, the class is really easy. The grade is divided up between two papers, an in-class project, a midterm and a final. It sort of feels like she makes her tests so easy that she probably laughs at the people who do poorly. A great professor and a great class.

(Sept. 20, 2005)
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