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Course not listed Submitted Dec. 2, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Boyan is a great professor. he makes random jokes in class, and the fact that he is a more recent college graduate makes him sensitive to students' needs. his lectures can be a little tedious for those of us who had wonderfully impossible math classes previously, but that just makes his class more laid back. he was clear when he explained things and i never felt i had to worry about class. he does assign homework every week but it doesnt take more than an hour to do. overall, id tell everyone to take his class.

Course not listed Submitted Dec. 16, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Boyan is an excellent professor. I was a little nervous the first day of class when he said he recently received his PhD and that this was his first time teaching, but he was far better than most seasoned professors. He is patient, funny, entertaining, concerned with students' understanding of the material, and he is very enthusiastic about teaching (albeit for only this year- so take his class while he's here at UCLA).
The subject was difficult by my standards, but he made it bearable. It was at times very interesting, but never easy. I guess proofs are very difficult until you get over some hump, which I apparently cannot get over. However, I wasn't looking for an easy class or an easy A. I believe I learned more about real analysis than I would have from any other professor. It really puts everything into perspective when you break it down that far.
All in all, very well done, Boyan.

Course not listed Submitted Nov. 4, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

I love Boyan. He's a goofy guy but he's really nice. He's an alright teacher, but his tests are pretty easy. The homework is very insubstantial, "namely", it is about 7-10 problems every week. This is Boyan's first year teaching, so it was kind of scary the first day of class when he couldn't get the microphone to work or anything, but he's proven himself. Definitely check this class out.

Oh yeah, here's an email he sent to us:
Hello everybody,

My TA's are telling me that there is some sort of panic going on and we want to prevent this from spreading because it is not healthy. Let us all come down and review carefully what I said in lecture on Wednesday. You should have already realized that the actual problems on the exam will be like the five types of problems that I wrote on the blackboard yesterday, especially after making all those faces and hinting noises. So, let's review one more time what I said:

1. Work on improper integrals, average difficulty and recall L'Hospital rule.
2. Know well what we have done about the arctan.
3. Work on partial fractions, the more difficult ones.
4. Know well how to take a derivative of an integral whose limits are functions of x.
5. Know well the types of differential equations that we covered on Monday only. In particular, focus on the exponential model and the restricted growth model and how to derive the solutions of at least those two differential equations plus how to find the undetermined constant knowing the initial condition.

I want you to realize that these hints are in fact way too much than it is normally given. In a mathematics class, what is normally done is to announce up to what section the material will be included on the midterm. I have gone well beyond this. I told you even the specific types of problems because it is the first exam and I want to do well so that you feel better and happier. I also want you to know and remember that what I have just done is not the normal thing to do and I may not be so specific the next time.

Well, that was the closest I have been to giving away the actual exam questions before the exam and if this is still not enough for somebody out there, then, my dear, you'd better start rethinking your life and the place of calculus in it.

Good luck to all of you tomorrow.

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