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Overall 4.4
Easiness of class 1.5
Workload 1.5
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 4.4
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Helpfulness of professor 4.2
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Course not listed Submitted June 12, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

great professor. even though there were a lot of slides to memorize, i thought it was pretty straighfoward. cares about the students and makes time for anything.

Course not listed Submitted March 18, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

the previous comment is just stupid.

Yes, you're going to have to take a lot of notes, and yes, you're going to have to memorize a lot of slides, but c'mon... this is a survey course on the Renaissance and Baroque period. If you're too lazy to do the work, don't blame the teacher or the course outline- blame yourself.

and there's no way walking through the Getty is going to teach you as much as even the worst class here at UCLA (can you honestly say that you read all the labels?)

Course not listed Submitted April 9, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

This was the first art history class I've ever taken, and I enjoyed it so much that it probably won't be the last. Professor Black is wonderful, and she really knows what she is talking about. Yeah, there are a lot of slides, but if you make flashcards and do not wait until the last minute, then you will be fine. I reccomend this class to anyone who has even the tiniest bit of interest in art history or this time period. Trust me, you will not regret taking it!

Course not listed Submitted March 18, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

I learned a lot in this class, but I do not think that Black is a phenomenal professor. Her lectures encompass too much material and require you to memorizes hundreds of slides. I feel that the course would be better taught if she were to focus on certain works instead of laundry-listing 300 years worth of art history. My hand always cramped by the end of lecture due to excessive note taking but my brain was empty. If you like memorizing names and dates then Black is the professor for you. Otherwise, take a trip or two to The Getty and you'll be just as enlightened as if you took 500 pages of notes with Black.

Course not listed Submitted Oct. 8, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Black is well organized and interesting. The trick to doing well in the class, however is to either be an amazing writer who pays attention in class, or to get a good TA. The professor provides you with all you need and is a really nice woman, but your TA is where your grade comes from.

Course not listed Submitted Aug. 6, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

THE BEST ART HISTORY PROFESSOR!!! I loved Professor Black's class. It was fascinating and wonderful. She is intelligent and knowlegable, but enjoys hearing other people's ideas and comments. I highly recommend this class to anyone. ARTHIS 109A was truly the best art history class I have ever taken and trust me I have taken them all almost.

Course not listed Submitted March 14, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

I never thought that anyone could make art history interesting. Every art history professor I have had in the past teaches it as a very dry subject, but Professor Villasenor- Black is just so passionate... and so EXCELLENT at lecturing... that she really pulls you into the art. She doesn't go fast at all- in fact she realizes that everyone is taking notes, so she talks at a reasonable pace, and sometimes repeats herself. The exams aren't too bad- I've had worse Art History midterms/ finals. Anyway, HIGHLY recommended!!

Course not listed Submitted June 14, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Prof. Black was a great lecturer. She knew we were taking notes and always repeated herself. It really helped when you take about 6 pages of notes for each class! It's never boring, and she is very open to comments and encourages you to interrupt her when you have something to say! Unlike a lot of professors, she doesn't knock what others have to say and pass her own opinion off as the correct one. Especially in art history, as long as you can back up what you have to say with historical evidence, it SHOULD be valid. Professor Black allows you to do this.

Course not listed Submitted March 8, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

Great class, great professor! She's organized, intelligent, and approachable. Yes, there is a lot of material to know, but it's interesting, and she speaks slowly and repeats herself so you can take notes. If you aren't remotely interested in art history, don't take this class, but if you are, you'll love her and this class.

Course not listed Submitted March 19, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

the exams are reallly hard, but she's an awesome and very passionate lecturer

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