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Overall 3.5
Easiness of class 1.5
Workload 1.5
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.5
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Helpfulness of professor 3.3
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SCAND 147A Submitted June 19, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

I took Hans Christian Andersen (Scandinavian 147A) with Professor Andersen. Professor Andersen is very competent--and knowledgeable. He is highly intelligent--and sets the bar high in the class. This class requires A LOT of critical thinking and this enables students to grow, I feel. He is quite humorous and entertaining, and I enjoyed listening to his Danish accent. Every week you are assigned 2-3 fairy tales (read them twice to try to catch the symbolism/meaning) and some chapters of Hans Christian Andersen's biography (read this--you have to do a mini-paper on it and it will help you during class discussions!). I read every chapter of the biography and it was EXCELLENT. I loved all the readings and fairy tales (FABULOUS!). Professor Andersen requires A LOT of student participation so PARTICIPATE (20% of your grade). There is also an online forum in which you must post a response after every class. There is a take-home midterm and a final paper, all of which were not long (only 3 pages), but took me hours perfecting/refining it. You can go to office hours--he is very kind and helpful! You also have a chance to write your own fairy tale--which allowed me to utilize my creativity! :) I appreciated this class so much because it really allowed me to develop my critical thinking skills. It took a lot of dedication, work, and critical thinking but I thankfully earned an A. I enjoyed attending every lecture--he has beautiful PowerPoints and lectures well. I would heartily recommend this class to everyone! Why? The professor is fabulous, popular, and intelligent...and you learn so much! I am very happy to have taken this class and I am impressed with my mental maturation.

Course not listed Submitted April 14, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

I cannot recommend Prof. Andersen enough. He will amaze you with how much he knows about everything (not just things Scandinavian). His bountiful knowledge is reflected through his lectures which are very captivating. The books we read in his class, Scandinavian 50W, were AMAZING (particularly The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) except for one book (I forgot the name). All three films he showed us were some of the best films I've watched in any class. They were very modern films that will engage the interest of any current college student as they deal with coming of age, sexuality, and self-empowerment. I took the course during the summer and looked forward to the class every week and that is saying A LOT since I am science major :-\. Every day I walked out of the class having learned something new and applicable to life. Now...for the work. Prof. Andersen will make you end his class a better writer, trust me. He will work you hard because he cares for his students and wants every one of them to improve their written skills. This means there is a good amount of work to be put into this class if you want an A. But believe me, you'll be glad you did because not only are the essay topics interesting, you will turn in your final paper knowing you've become a better writer. Make sure you take advantage of all his office hours because his critiques are very insightful and interesting. So take his class! You won't regret it if you work hard and try your best.

SCAND C147B Submitted April 23, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

professor andersen is a very nice guy and there were some interesting readings in this class. sometimes i felt like something was missing in the discussions, but i guess that wasn't all his fault. i didn't know much about this subject before so it was kinda different i guess.

SCAND 1 Submitted Feb. 22, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

WOW! I must say those first two rating are 'right-on' about Claus. They're right on the dot in the splitting resemblance they bare to each another in structure, word choice and iconography. I only wish the third rating in what the total noted as FOUR would spring up and reflect those diversely stellar remarks!

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