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SOCIOL 1 Submitted March 31, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

Sociology 1, Winter 2012, Grade: A

Professor's a nice guy, especially if you go to his office hours. He's late coming to class's (not always bad) and he's also late at posting grades (well, it was a lot of grading).

Lecture is just popping out terms, one after another. Get those terms down for midterms and finals, or have get them for you. Sadly, because the class is just terms, the professor doesn't have a lot of time to get into interesting concepts.

Skim through the textbook before class if you want to have an idea of what you'll hear in lecture, but not everything in the textbook will come up in lecture, and thus not in the midterm/finals. There was a supplemental book, but it only came up in discussions and references in lecture, but its content did not come up in the midterm/finals, so I would say skim that as well. Oh, and discussion is mandatory, so go there and please don't be one of those silent, dead students.

Midterm and finals consisted of 15 multiple choice, 5 short response, and one essay prompt (out of two). One or two of the multiple choice questions do come from the textbook, but if you study the lecture well, you have a good chance to get them. Essays are graded leniently I think.

Now, the 12 page research paper wasn't as bad as it first came up to be. I did write the paper overnight, but I started gathering data (online surveys) 2-3 weeks before hand. The research paper is not that hard if you choose a topic that interests you, and you can pretty much choose anything. Grading on the papers depend on your T.A., and I'm sure they graded leniently because it's only Sociology 1.

Overall, it's a doable G.E.

SOCIOL 1 Submitted Feb. 3, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

I liked Professor Hunt, but he wasn't the best lecturer. Lectures basically consist of him reading a bunch of definitions, sometimes elaborating on them. As someone who'd already taken other Soc-type classes, it wasn't that interesting to me since it was so broad & theoretical. But he is a very nice, interesting guy so going to class was a pleasant experience. I did very well on the midterm, final, and research paper but other people seemed to struggle--I think if you put time & effort into the class, you can do fine. If you've never taken Soc before, go ahead and take it with him--I think you'll like it.

Course not listed Submitted April 5, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

This class is one of the best i have ever taken. The books given to read are great readings! this class gives you a well understanding of the struggle, problems, and achievements of the African-American community. A TASTE OF POWER by ELAINE BROWN!! BEST BOOK EVER!!!!! ....Dr Hunt is a bit systematic with his grading, but in the end it all matters on your t.a. My t.a jooyoung is a kick ass guy! his discussions were awesome, he knows how to teach! great, down to earth guy. as long as you do the majority of the readings, youll be fine, i ended with an A (i skimmed one, and just got the main concepts from lecture and discussion and understood what they ment). so seriously do the readings, which are kick ass, and youll be fine. This class is awesome! case study was the best!! i learned so many things...about myself and others...what else?...take it. no question about it. has me thinking of picking up a double major... (and you dont have to be african-american to understand the course concepts, all people from differnt backgrounds could relate to the struggle. just have to step out of the comfort zone...which in reality is questioning our ignorance)

SOCIOL 1 Submitted March 24, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Selling "You May Ask Yourself" for $25!
Book used during Winter 2012 quarter (Sociology 1) with Professor Hunt! Book is in good condition, corners of cover are a bit worn. Pages are clean with no handwritten notes inside.

Please contact if interested!
Notes included!

SOCIOL 1 Submitted June 22, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

If you're looking for an easy GE, do NOT take Soc 1 with Hunt. His lectures are poorly organized and he plays useless videos at either the end or the beginning of lecture. He constantly tries to ask questions to the class ... yet ends up just telling you the definitions. He talks way too fast to write, so you almost HAVE to bring a laptop or have a friend type up notes. (at least this was the case for me... I can't write that fast!). His exams are .. EHH. He DOES take questions from the book...though MY TA personally didn't discuss the book at all. The class is divided into 4 parts, 25% each on discussion, midterm, final, and research paper. TAs actually GRADE you on both attendance AND participation, so you have go and talk. The research paper is 10-12 pages ... which is a ridiculous amount for an INTRODUCTORY sociology course. like someone said below me, this class is taught NOT like an intro course. If you're looking for an easy class, avoid Soc1 with Hunt. Seriously. You'll regret it and have to work way too hard to get an A in a supposedly "easy" class.

Course not listed Submitted June 27, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

This class was one of my favorites at UCLA. The first half of the class was extremely easy and the midterms was a piece of cake. I did not do any readings and almost got a perfect score. I think that Prof. Hunt was a good lecturer because he spoke slowly enough and repeated the important things for us to write down. The 10-15 page paper was cool because you get to pick the subject. Rob was my TA but I disagreed with half of his comments. He killed me when he said "don't use the term white man" That made no sense to me; he was too politically correct for this type of class in my opinion. Nonetheless, he is better than the other TAs because he does not give assignments or quizzes. I really recommend this class with D. Hunt, he's a cool man.

AFRO-AM M5 Submitted June 8, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Hunt is sooo fine! Too bad he's pretty boring. Extremely intelligent, but boring. He does place too much emphasis on the sociological portion instead of delving more into the rich culture of African-Americans. Like the whole first part of the course was learning sociology terms. Uhh, okay. The midterm was SO EASY. I only read the Stuart Hall Representation book and got a 95/100. I didn't come to lecture that much the second half, didn't read any more books, and got an A in the class. The reason I didn't have to read the books is because my TA, Rob Baker, is freakin' AWESOME. Funny, sweet, and has a good grast of the material, and covers what's important.

Course not listed Submitted March 12, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Hunt is arrogant and has no sense of humor - lectures are boring and dry.

He is fairly unorganized and does not go into detail re: what he wants from students on tests and papers.

He relies too heavily on student presentation to convey course information.

He also just reiterates the reading - he rarely goes into broader topics.

We watched too many movies - they were interesting, but I felt like we watched them so he wouldn't have to teach as much.

Great course if you want an easy A - but for those of us who want to gain a deeper knowledge of the Black community, this course is drab.

HOWEVER, TA Rob Baker was FABULOUS - he should've taught the course - he was nice, thought provoking and really helped us to dig deeper into course concepts!

Course not listed Submitted June 5, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

i LOVE dr. hunt! he is one of the busiest faculty members at this school and yet he still finds time to teach students. the readings were great and his lectures were great because they expanded on course materials and on the readings. the outline of the case study was a little ambiguous, but it made more sense once i talked to my TA. dr. hunt really knows what he is talking about and obviously cares a great deal about students because he doesnt HAVE to be teaching at all. and for those of you who dont realize it, having students give presentations is a sociological method of teaching called jigsaw. hes a sociology professor so he knows what hes doing. studies have proven that its a very effective method for students to learn, so get over it if you didnt like it. the only thing i didnt like was the grading. each question was worth a lot and the grading on the essay was done in increments of 5 ie you can get a 50 or a 45, but nothing in between. that was a little annoying, but dont be intimidated by the length of the case basically writes itself.

Course not listed Submitted May 19, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

This class was pretty interesting just not with Prof Hunt. He is a terribly boring professor! I literally slept in every class but I had a great TA. David is cool and you can really be honest with him like telling him that the professor is boring and you'd rather not go to class... etc. The readings were terrible but the subject matter awesome! I love black people. I ended up with an A+.

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