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THEATER 103F, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 30, 2020 Grade Received: A+

This class was super easy and engaging. I was intimidated to take it at first bc I wasn’t a theater major, and didn’t know what to expect. But I ended up learning so much about Native American History, Culture and Spirituality. Didn’t have to act or read scripts in front of the class, either. It was structured more like a discussion seminar where your grade was solely dependent on attendance, participation, a midterm essay and a final essay.

Just make sure you don’t miss more than 2 classes and volunteer to talk as much as you can. I didn’t really put a lot of effort in the essays but I proved I throughly understood the plays and raised my hand a lot and ended up getting an A+

Highly recommend you take it if you get the chance. Professor Geiogamah is awesome too!

Selling both required textbooks for the price of one! Willing to negotiate the price since I need to get rid of these books before I move away after I graduate.

(Will delete this post when books are sold so it’s still available) Text 3233832357

THEATER 103F, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 31, 2020 Grade Received: A

Super easy upper div. The content is also really interesting. The workload is super simple--a few readings and doable essays. Would recommend for an easy A!

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THEATER 103F, taken Winter 2020 Submitted March 27, 2020 Grade Received: N/A

I really, really enjoyed this class. Definitely one of my favorites that I've taken at UCLA. You do not need to be a north campus major to do well/enjoy this class. Reading assignments every week were basically read a play, and then in class would be essentially a 3 hour discussion/lecture. Midterm and finals were essays. I don't think he teaches this course often, but if you have a chance to take it, I'd recommend it.

Course not listed Submitted June 13, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Hanay's Theatre 107 (Drama of Diversity) is a fabulous class. His teaching style is relaxed, down-to-earth and he leads thoughtful and stimulating class discussions about issues of race, gender, class, diversity etc in the realm of theatre.

Course not listed Submitted Oct. 4, 2004 Grade Received: N/A

This was presented as a history class, and it was more a series of rambling "When I Created Native Theater" speeches. Hanay is really nice, but loses focus after the 1st hour. By the seminar's 3rd hour, he's pretty random. His 'history' lessons were mostly comparisons of his own work to Greek Theater (as in Classic Greek Theater), instead of any foundation in indigenous cultures. The reading list was 100% male (most of the required plays were his and discussions centered almost completely on his work). We spent more time learning the songs in his plays than on any of the few required historical essays.
Hanay is from another generation, and he dismisses anything he considers "theoretical" (which can be exhausting and includes meta-text analysis, psycho-analytical reading of texts, feminism, gender studies, cultural theory, nationalism and globalism, economics, historical context, etc.). Ironically, this very personal seminar in cultural performance is listed in Theater's Critical Studies Department.
On a similar note about generation- while I'm sure he doesn't mean any antagonism when he dismisses feminism as a 'confused tool of lesbian separatists' or identifies Black people as 'the Afros', it certainly caused my neck hairs to bristle. I took it with a grain of salt and reminded myself that his viewpoint is just different, rather than get offended.
The class is cool if you're a performance-type and want to use music and culture in drama, and it's pretty easy grading.

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