Language and Gender: Introduction to Gender and Stereotypes

J Kim

Language and Gender: Introduction to Gender and Stereotypes

Applied Linguistics department

J Kim

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Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Dec. 27, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

I too took Applied Linguists 40 (no W) and I enjoyed the class thorougly. Professor Kim is a very good teacher and she loves what she teaches. She reviews the material from the previous lecture at the beginning of each lecture, so if you missed class, it's easy to catch up. Plus she posts the lecture slides each week so you can download them and study them yourself. Professor Kim loves class interaction, and she definitely notices those who speak up and contribute to discussions (at the end of the course, she personally thanked each student who she remembered contributing to discussions.) Professor Kim also loves to use her children and her own personal life as examples when explaining concepts, which makes the lectures very enjoyable and interesting. There are often short videos and other supplemental materials that make the lectures interesting as well.

Overall, I really liked Professor Kim, and I think that she was a good, fair teacher. Unfortunately, I did not get a good grade in this class, but I contribute that more to my TA and her grading style + my lack of understanding of my final research paper topic (leading me to get a 50% on it :'( ) than Professor Kim's teaching. Professor Kim is straightforward and is always willing to answer any questions about the material. She is very kind and not intimidating at all!

Quarter Taken: N/A Submitted Sept. 18, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Took appling40, no W. I surprisingly enjoyed this course. Made me realize things about language I never thought about before. Very intriguing class, I'm sure anybody who takes it will love it.

Professor kim was passionate about the topics and it made me passionate about it too. All of her lectures were slides that she would post for a certain amount of time. I especially liked that at every start of class, she would review things from the previous lecture - making it easier to sort out the important key things to study.

There were four quizzes, one every two weeks starting after the first couple weeks. They were around 10-12 questions each, timed, online. Most of them were key things from her lecture slides. Then there were two fieldwork reports where you choose your own topic based on the lesson from that week. I surprisingly had fun with these, analyzing aspects of the language in my every day life was exciting because I noticed patterns that I didn't even realize. The proposal and report had deadlines, but there were options of when you wanted your personal deadline to be. Then there was an in class exam as the final. I personally like having the last day of class be the test, getting it out of the way early. It was pretty straightforward. She gives lots of hints of what's going to be on it. The best part was there were so many options of what you wanted to answer. Like the multiple choice, there were (i think) 12 and you answered 10 (no bonus for extra answers). Then different graphs you could pick to analyze. Then an extra credit at the end where you create and answer your own question. Overall I liked this course and the professor.

Also - she does have a slight accent, but it's not distracting at all and personally, it helped hold my attention even more.

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