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Easiness of class 2.3
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MECH&AE 103, taken Fall 2021 Submitted Dec. 11, 2021 Grade Received: A

I'll be honest here, Eldredge might be my favorite engineering professor I've had here. His lectures have a great flow to them with his own personality that makes them very engaging. He doesn't use any slides and writes everything out live so for me personally that really helped me focus and stay awake. Homework is fairly reasonable but I do recommend going to discussion regularly to have a much easier time on them. He gives extra credit problems sometimes too and if you do them all, you can get up to something like an extra 4% to your grade.

The tests were reasonable though there are three midterms in addition to a final, which may seem weird at first. Each midterm was only one question that probably took no more than like 40 minutes though and he drops your lowest midterm score so that helps a lot. They aren't terribly difficult - many people got a 100% on multiple midterms. We started out the quarter with in person tests but he switched over to online halfway through so hopefully he keeps that next time he teaches.

But yeah, clear, engaging, patient and pretty much everything a good professor should be. This sure isn't an easy class but if you take him, you're in good hands.

MECH&AE 103, taken Fall 2021 Submitted Dec. 14, 2021 Grade Received: A

The other reviews here will give you a good idea just how great of a professor Eldredge is. He made fluid mechanics, objectively one of the hardest classes for mechanical and aerospace engineers, my easiest class this quarter. My guess is that his teaching philosophy was to make his lectures rich with valuable information and his homework difficult to solve, but make the exams on the easier side. Here is a rough breakdown of his class:

Lectures - go to every single one. You won’t regret it. The way he presents the material is very interesting, and he is able to break down even the most complex fluid concepts into digestible pieces for you, provided you supplement your lecture notes with a read through of the associated sections in the textbook. He does a lot of derivations, but he explains each step. While some people let their eyes glaze over during these parts (he never tests you on them so you can get away with it), I personally found the interplay of different fluid concepts simplifying down to a simple mathematical expression extremely fascinating, and it definitely added to my conceptual understanding of the content.

Homework (25%) - there were seven assignments in total, mostly consisting of problems from the book. Occasionally, he’ll throw in a problem of his own, but those are generally much easier to solve than the back-of-the-chapter problems. While some assignments were time-consuming, if you have a good group of friends to study with, you should have no trouble completing them in 2-3 hours with the right answers. The homework is graded on accuracy, but after looking at the Gradescope point breakdown I can confidently say that he is extremely lenient in assigning points. In most cases, an “incomplete/missing” criterion yields you the majority of the points of that problem. Small mistakes are penalized less. There is very little reason to get less than a 90% in this category.

Extra Credit (+2.5% extra) - on five of the seven assignments, we had an optional problem, which was graded on a full-credit, half-credit, and no-credit scheme. Some were questions done on Julia (you had to write code for it), and others were challenge problems from the textbook. If you got full credit on all of them, you could get 2.5% extra credit in the entire class, which is enough to give you a whole letter grade boost.

Quizzes (10%) - before each midterm and the final, Eldredge would open a quiz on CCLE. These were all conceptual and definitely helped solidify your qualitative understanding of the material. They were unlimited tries, and the questions remained the same with each attempt so you’re guaranteed a 100%.

Midterms (40%) - there are three short, 1-hour midterms in the class, which is a bit unorthodox for an upper-division engineering class. These had a mix of conceptual questions (about 30% of the points) where you had to verbally explain an answer in words and computation/derivation based questions. Your lowest grade was dropped. He made the first and third midterms easy and the middle one pretty difficult, but, as mentioned, that one doesn’t contribute to your final grade. Even with all of this, his grading scale was very lenient like the homework. In the second midterm I did one question completely wrong and was only deducted 10 points in a 35 point question. On top of that, he allowed us to bring in a double-sided printer-paper cheat sheet for the first and second midterms. To be fair though, in making the cheat sheet you review most of the information you need to know, so while taking the test I rarely found myself referring to it. After the second midterm was crashed by a some washed-up prank YouTuber, Eldredge made the third midterm and final take-home, allowing us to access any resource we wanted aside from other students.

Final (25%) - pretty much the same difficulty as the first and third midterms. 80% of the points came from the material after the third midterm, and 20% was cumulative.

11/10 would recommend Eldredge for 103. He is a very knowledgeable professor and makes himself and his TAs very accessible via email, office hours, discussion sections, and after class if you have questions.

MECH&AE 103, taken Fall 2021 Submitted Dec. 22, 2021 Grade Received: A

Great lectures and very clear. I really liked the grading distribution he had, as homework and quizzes made up 35% of the grade, quizzes can be retaken as many times as you want, so that 35% is already a guaranteed A, as long as you attempt the homework as well. Final only worth 25% which is less stressful than other courses where it's 40+%. Then 3 midterms, and he drops the lowest one, which is also great. Highly recommend for Mae 103.

MECH&AE 103, taken Fall 2021 Submitted Dec. 18, 2021 Grade Received: A

Jeffrey is a really good professor. He’s really helpful when you ask him questions after class. For his class, I did the assigned reading. That along with doing the homework was more than good enough to do well on his tests. His lectures are good for review but not necessary if you read the book. Make sure you are checking your homework answers with people before you submit it. He offers extra credit so try to do it if you can. His tests are hard in the sense that he gives you questions you have never seen before but if you come prepared you should do fine on them. Also he doesn’t test you on everything he teaches in class. For example, fluidstatics was never on his exams for this quarter.

Course not listed Submitted June 6, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

Eldredge is a great teacher and a cool guy. I guess the only problem with him is that he teaches MAE153a which sounds like a cool class, but actually doesn't make any sense and is utterly confusing. I would strongly recommend him for any other fluid mechanics class, but engineering acoustics will confuse anyone student.

MECH&AE 103 Submitted March 28, 2014 Grade Received: N/A

Excellent professor. His lectures are quite clear and straightforward, and he cares about the students in the class. While the homework and exam may be challenging, it frankly does not detract from the course, and I always felt like I learned something worthwhile and important. Highly recommend.

MECH&AE 103 Submitted Dec. 23, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Fantastic professor. Eldredge knows what he is talking about and he makes his lectures very straightforward. He is a very understanding teacher and wants to make sure that everyone understands what is going on. Office hours are great if you have any minor questions. If you ask about homework he will discuss how to approach the problem but never directly tell you how to solve the problem which I think is good for purposes of making sure that you yourself know the material. He also encourages to go to office hours to discuss how you personally did on the midterm which I think is very generous of him considering the number of students in the class. Ended up with an A in the class. Take him for 103, I highly encourage it.

Course not listed Submitted April 29, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

If you ever get to take a class with Professor Eldredge, you should. His lectures are interesting and very clear, but he does go through a lot of material very quickly. I really enjoyed taking 150A, and his enthusiasm for fluid mechanics makes me like the class more so.

MECH&AE 150A Submitted March 27, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Eldredge is probably the best professor I have had at UCLA. He took an inherently difficult class and presented it in a clear and concise way. The class requires a decent amount of work, but it is a very interesting subject, and doing the homework correctly pays off big time on the tests.

MECH&AE 150A Submitted Dec. 12, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

Outstanding fluids lecturer, mainly due to the fact that his notes are straightforward. He communicates the subject very well. During office hours - he won't look at you while you're talking, but he always says "OK" and knows what you are talking about. Eldredge won't help you solve the homework problems, instead he lets you figure them out yourself.

The course was challenging but since his lectures were so organized, it wasn't too bad. Homeworks were tough, and exams were slightly easier. However grading is very lenient. If you want good grades, do the optional problems on the HW -- you'll be rewarded at the end.

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