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Overall 2.5
Easiness of class 2.4
Workload 2.3
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 2.4
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 2.6
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Course not listed Submitted March 8, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

MS14 sucked. Two hours is two hours too much with this guy, unfortunately. He seemed nice, but it made no sense to sit through boring lecture when you could just read the book and get by. If you're a full time student, you'll have no problem with this class (it's actually not that difficult). However, if you have a job or a life other than UCLA, it just isn't economical to sit through the class. I just read the book and got a B+.

Course not listed Submitted Dec. 21, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

i liked him. he was really fair about letting us use cheat sheets... grade breakdown: 2 quizes, midterm, final & hwk..there were two lectures, and i believe the other prof. wrote our quizzes/midterm, which were pretty easy.. but the final was more tough, but definitely not impossible.. his reviews help pinpoint what u'll need to study..u'll do fine in his class as long as u read to understand the book.. practice problems also help

Course not listed Submitted March 3, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

had him for MAterial Science 14 and i didn't like him. he was boring, dry, and hard to understand sometimes. i know that the material is already hard, but he didn't help at all. if there is another mat sci professor, i would recommend not taking professor. however, if you have no other choice except yang, then you'll survive. =)

Course not listed Submitted March 27, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

I had to miss a quiz because of a terrible cold and Professor Yang was very helpful about the whole thing. He came up with a fair way to assign my grade, and I know other professors would have screwed me over. To study for his exams, get someone's lecture notes and photocopy them. Then go over the lecture material and read the corresponding sections in the book. His review sessions tell you everything you need to know. If he doesn't mention a topic, it won't be on the exam.

Course not listed Submitted Nov. 16, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

I took Professor Yang my second year and after reading the reviews, I felt that people are underestimating him. Sure he can be boring, but I must say that he lectures quite clearly and you understand the points he makes. He's very helpful and considerate. He moves at a steady pace so you will never miss what he's saying. He basically lectures from the book and throws out a couple of concepts each chapter. It's best to go to lecture with your book so that you can highlight the key points he makes in class. This is great for studying for his exams. He can be a little slow lecturing which bores people, but would you like to have a professor that lectures real fast? His exams are very fair and they're similar to the homework. I learned a lot from his class so try not to take the negative reviews too seriously.

Course not listed Submitted Nov. 18, 2007 Grade Received: N/A

terrible professor!! The class seems easy in the beginning, because the first quiz is like the homework. But unfortunately after the first quiz it\355s pretty much torture. For the midterm and the final, I felt like I had walked into a wrong classroom, because I had never seen the material before in the class. I got my lowest grade at ucla in this course\326that pretty much tells you everything.

Course not listed Submitted March 23, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

Prof. Yang is decent. He lectures really slowly, which is boring to some (like me, I fell asleep a lot in class an missed nothing) but he does point out everything you need to know. There's a surprising amount of reading in this course (we had to plow through most of the book), considering it's a lower division course, and Yang only taught us which sections we needed to know, which was great in studying. As for the workload, it's not very much. We only turned in something like three homework assignments the entire quarter, along with three labs you do in section, which are all easy and short. I reccomend to just keep up with the readings, do all the homework sets (even the three he doesn't collect), and study his review motes for the tests and you should do fine. His tests are not very hard, but they do increase with difficulty as the quarter progresses. All in all, this class was actually very interesting, and I feel like I learned a lot in this class.

MAT SCI 151, taken Spring 2017 Submitted June 8, 2017 Grade Received: NR

Bad professor with low engagement and extremely disorganized lectures. Obvious display of no effort.

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