Primate Behavior Nonhuman to Human

Joan B Silk

Primate Behavior Nonhuman to Human

Anthropology department

Joan B Silk

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Prof. Silk is one of the best professors I've ever had, probably one of my favorites. She is funny, intelligent, and very approachable. I took Anthro 7 and 128A. These classes were not easy, but you get so much out of them! She's funny, and engaging, and got me interested in primatology! I liked her upper division class (128A) better because it focused on non-human primates. The concepts and experiments you learn about are amazing and really get you thinking about our own humanity. You also have to go to the zoo observing primates for one project and observe dogs at a dog park for another. This part is fun and easy as she doesn't ask for too much. Also, Prof. Silk gave us the exam before the midterm and we split the questions up within our group of 4 and studied that way for the exam. She did the same for the final. I got a B+ in Anthro 7 and an A- in 128A. Trust me, take a class with this Professor!

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