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Overall 3.2
Easiness of class 2.4
Workload 2.5
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.2
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Helpfulness of professor 3.1
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SPAN 42, taken Spring 2018 Submitted June 8, 2018 Grade Received: N/A

I feel like the title of the class should not be Iberian culture. There is no discussion of culture, at all. Instead, it should be Spain's /Iberia's history. The professor is too much. This class is really difficult. Please do not take as a G.E. You might die.

There's a lot of information covered in a short amount of time. Bi-weekly quizzes and the professor is very boring. Grade distribution sucks, its not curved. His own wife falls asleep during his lectures (sad!). He is very rude and so cocky. I don't hate him but I don't like him. Class is easy the first two weeks, but after that it becomes hard. This should not be a G.E. Save yourselves!!!!!

SPAN 42, taken Winter 2018 Submitted June 11, 2018 Grade Received: P

When I tell you this is the worst mistake I have made as a UCLA student, I am speaking nothing but the truth. This class is extremely difficult. If you are trying to take this class as a GE, DONT! It will ruin your life, I am a STEM major and I find my Pre Reqs easier than this class. This class covers so much information that I find it impossible to learn everything. Bi-weekly quizzes are given and they are graded extremely hard. The midterm covered SIX weeks of information that I felt like was impossible to learn everything. No study guide is given for any exam and the TA's are very stingy and inconsisent with the information about the exams. The professor is so boring, he lectures for the entire 1 hour and 50 minutes in a monotone voice that makes it impossible not to fall asleep in this class. The organization of his class is lacking in a lot of ways and I feel like he needs to restructure his whole lesson plan. Many of the information he makes us learn is unneccasary and to top it off it doesnt show up on exams. After reading this and you still decide to take the class, just remember week 6 before entering the midterm, you will remember this post and regret your decision.

SPAN 42, taken Spring 2018 Submitted May 22, 2018 Grade Received: N/A

This class is insanely difficult. Ask anyone taking this class Spring 2018, and I can assure 100% they will all say the same thing. The lectures are so incredibly boring and feel like they drag on for ages and the professor speaks in a severely monotonous voice so that doesn't help. The midterm was hell and I felt the essay was harshly graded. The exam consisted of: map identification, matching, short answer, essay, multiple choice, and free response. Do not take this class as a GE!! Everything is structured so that it is extremely difficult to pull through. Participation is a big part in grading but my TA would only give us about 5 minutes in discussion to actually participate and the same people would always get called on. I strongly dislike this class but was forced to take it as a spanish major.

SPAN 42, taken Spring 2018 Submitted June 5, 2018 Grade Received: N/A

This has to be the hardest class that I have ever taken at UCLA. First of all, the powerpoints are out of topic he goes out of line on dates. His exams are hard in remembering the geopraphic 25 multiple choice, an essay images, and dates to remember. There is so much you need to know by brain to pass this class. You have to study hard to earn a good grade, and the tas grade very hard on the essays. As a spanish major i have to retake this class because i didnt get it the first time.

SPAN 42, taken Spring 2018 Submitted June 9, 2018 Grade Received: P

Do yourself a favor and do not take this class, unless you need it for the Spanish major/minor (like I do). This class is extremely hard for a GE and trust me you will regret it if you take it. The professor is boring, rude and cocky. When it comes to lectures, half of the time, he just talks about his trips to Spain and the other half he talks in a monotonous voice that its easy for you to fall asleep. When students ask questions in lecture he makes them feel stupid for not knowing the answer or pretends he didn't hear your question. In fact, he makes the TAs round around with a microphone just so you could speak.
The TAs are harsh graders for both the quizzes and the exams. And both the quizzes and the exams are extremely hard especially when he doesn't provide you with a study guide. Plus the workload is somewhat heavy because you have to read about 8-12 articles a week that doesn't pertain with the information that you are learning in lecture. Those articles are just UNNECESSARY assignments (I suggest that if you decide to take the class, don't bother to read them, its a waste of time)
Just overall , the class is not worth taking unless you need it, but even then do NOT take this professor if there are others who are teaching it.

SPAN 42, taken Spring 2018 Submitted June 10, 2018 Grade Received: N/A

This class is a horrendous nightmare. Do not take this class- the TAs are as bad as the professor. They are arrogant, useless, and do not bother helping you. My TA took 1 whole week to reply to an email but simply said that "my email got lost in between many others". If you are a TA, and always remind us to email you during the discussion, then why be so useless when we actually do? The professor is arrogant, boring, and makes crude jokes at times- such as bringing up old email of prior students who disagree with his work. What is the intention of that? I learned nothing useful in this class, and for that reason, I know my GPA will suffer. I always studied so hard and spent days studying for the quizzes and exams, yet, I only did well on one. The TAs are ridiculous graders, and my TA would always bring my grade down because she could not read my writing! How is that allowable? If you take this class, please make sure you do the end of the quarter review survey! Be honest with everything. This professor does not deserve to teach this class. I learned nothing about culture, but just about the history of the Iberian Peninsula. I took a Latin American History class last quarter and I learned about so many things than this terrible class. I am a Spanish major and was forced to take this class and I am unsure as to my grade at this point. There was no possible resource of help available as the professor would take advantage of asking questions in class to humiliate you and make you feel stupid. DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS UNLESS YOU HAVE TO !!! Please do not make yourself go through unnecessary troubles.

SPAN 42, taken Spring 2018 Submitted June 11, 2018 Grade Received: B

DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS AS A GE. This class is probably 95% Spanish majors/minors. It requires a ton of studying to absorb the information and the lectures themselves are not very engaging either. In addition, the lectures also go out of order and seem to drag on. In the end, I found it wasn't worth it to do the studying since getting an A was out of the question.

Course not listed Submitted March 12, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

During my first lecture in Professor Dagenais' Spanish M42 class, I felt very overwhelmed and continued to feel so during the first week. However, I soon adjusted to the vast amounts of information he presents and learned what to focus in on. I find the lectures interesting and informative. The professor and all of the T.A.s are caring and are reallly interested and knowledgeable about the material. I would definitely recommend this course!

SPAN M42 Submitted March 16, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

He presents a lot of material at once, but the truth is, he tries to teach you everything that he can although he doesn't necessarily expect that you will remember it all. The tests are not as difficult as you expect when you study for them. He tries to keep them fair, and gives you the opportunity to display your knowledge of th material with two short essay questions. This course has to cover a really long span in history, so he's faced with a really hard job, but he makes history interesting, which is even more difficult. He's very nice and funny and particularly knowledgeable about Spain. He also invites the students to contribute their own experiences during lecture, and uses real world modern examples to illustrate how Spain's history has caused it to be the country that it is. I really recommend him.

SPAN M42 Submitted March 28, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

I just got done taking the History of Spain and Portugal class with prof. Dagenais. What a great class. Dagenais makes the class fun and not difficult at all. Like some of the other posts said, you don't have to go to lecture because everything is posted on the web. But then you would miss out on his great sense of humor. A must-take at UCLA

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