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Course not listed Submitted Sept. 10, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Of all the years that I've been a student, I have never came upon such an awful professor and indecent human being. After receiving an A+ in 3A, I took Jung's class and received a D+, thus terminating my chances of getting into med school. With the grade discrepancies between two classes of the same math series which are not that different from each other, one could determine that jung is a horrible "professor." He uses rigorous proofs between his cussing when he doesn't need to just to emphasize that he is a young math genius who graduated from Cal. When in dire need of help, I came to his rare office hours and waited there for half an hour before he even agreed to help me since he was too busy listening to some girl praising him. When I took 3B again with professor Enderton, I received an A- and actual skills in solving calculus problems. After taking Enderton's class, I looked at Jung's tests and they were not hard at all. Jung's truth/false questions, however, were somewhat unreasonable since he penalizes you for guessing. If you know what's good for you, never, ever take any classes with this evil man. Unfortunately, I did not know this six months ago when I signed up for his class because it was his first quarter "teaching" at UCLA. If there is a petition to fire him, my signature will be first on the list.

Course not listed Submitted March 27, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

I just finished taking 3B with Mr. Kenley, and let's just say it was a living hell. I have never wanted to kill myself more in my life. His lectures are, for the first 40 minutes, spent explaining how one needs to be "rigorous" in defining mathematical concepts, and proving every single formula in abstract manners, and when a symbol comes up that isn't known by the students at this low of a level of math, he just ignores it and says "that's beyond the scope of this course." Professor Jung pretty much belittled whoever would ask questions during the lecture, and would go off on the stupidest tangents. He got to the point where 10 minutes of each lecture would not be spent on math, but rather other topics such as Korean movies or beer or sex. He's young (mid-twenties), and therefore you would think he would be able to convey ideas better, but this is 100% wrong--he is completely incapable of communicating ideas to human beings, more specifically speakers of English. I actually got worse on some of the stuff that was review from Calculus AB. I received a 5 on the AP Calc AB test, 800 on the SAT II math II, and yet I received a D+ on this teacher's incredibly skewed grading curve (where the mean is a D). He talks about his days at Berkeley, but he made me glad I chose not to attend there. I highly discourage taking this professor unless you are borderline suicidal and need that extra push to death. As I wrote on my course review, the course would be better taught by an non-English speaking 8 year old Inuit child with no formal education. I seriously want to transfer Universities after having him, and probably will. Thanks, Kenley!

Course not listed Submitted April 15, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

please do not take this professor. he is the worst ever. He is very arrogant and confusing. his midterms and exams are horrible. do not take this professor just wait for a better one.

Course not listed Submitted March 31, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Averagely hard<---> hard teacher. He likes to focus on proofs and especially writing out theorems in lecture. You will easily get lost if you haven't read, as he does few examples in class. His tests are pretty on the mark. 1/2 the people think they're good, the other 1/2 thinks they are evil incarnate, so he must be doing something right. One thing though. The man has GOT to change or get rid of his True/False questions. He takes off extra points in case a T/F is wrong (to discourage guessing as he claims).

Overall, nice guy, lectures have little to do with tests, but not a bad teacher in whole.

Course not listed Submitted June 11, 2007 Grade Received: N/A

Prof Jung is a very good professor. He takes time to really explain the material and makes sure that he material is understood before moving on. He's entertaining because he's a bit of an anarchist or something. He does, however, not seem to care too much about helping students outside the class. He absolutely hates the Stewart text. For the midterms and finals, he gives a detailed review sheet. If you do the review completely and understand the homework (which is out of the text), then you can easily do well on the tests, which have no surprises. Maybe He has improved since his terrible reviews below, because I certainly learned and mastered the material without having to spend hours reading the book. Take this professor

Course not listed Submitted Nov. 7, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

even though i did not like him, i am not going to say anything bad about this guy. just one piece of advice: if you can take someone else take him/her instead. just get it over with and avoid going through a stressful quarter.

Course not listed Submitted June 23, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Ask anyone who has had Jung for either 3B or 3C, he is quite possibly the worst professor at UCLA. It appears I'll be retaking 3C after receiving a D in his class. His grading is rediculous...the same goes for his ability to teach.

Course not listed Submitted April 2, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Jung is a pretty young guy who's very laid back. His lectures seem to drag at times when he writes nothing but definitions and thms on the board. I found his lectures to be exactly like the book so I didn't really attend lectures at all. His tests are pretty straight forward and fair, 5 multiple choice questions and 4 regular problems. However, he penalizes wrong answers for the M.C. questions by 2 points. So be warned, DONT GUESS on the M.C. section. On to grading....all I can say is that he doesn't really grade his tests on a curve. The first midterm had an average of around 56% and I believe his grading scale put the average at a D/D+ and 88% was the lowest A possible. His midterms are out of 50 points so plan on acing his midterms to get the grade you want. Homework is turned in and graded weekly, make sure you do all of the problems correctly in order to get all of the points, the TA's usually grade just 3 random problems. Thats about all I have to say about his 3B class, Good luck!

Course not listed Submitted April 7, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

professor jung really isn't as bad as everyone says he is. lectures aren't all that exciting, but when is math every really interesting? his tests are pretty difficult, but they're fair in the sense that it's based primarily off lectures. if you study hard, you should be okay. the tests do have a true/false section where you do get penalized for wrong answers, so be careful when answering those. he doesn't give practice exams, but he does hold a review the lecture before the tests and provides practice problems for you to study off of.
the class is composed of weekly hw assignments, 2 midterms and a final. the hw is graded very strictly for accuracy, so be careful. but he offered an extra credit quiz that is worth 2% (helps if you're borderline).
i know a lot of people aren't particularly fond of him, but i think that's just becuase his bluntness in class comes off as arrogance/impatience. if you go to office hours though, you'll see that he's actually pretty patient and pretty chill to talk to. he'll never just feed you the answer because he actually wants you to think and learn the material. i don't think he's given as much credit as he deserves. but if you're looking for an easy A, he's not the professor for you.

Course not listed Submitted April 10, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Jung is perhaps the worst math professor ever to curse the earth. If you ever get him, drop the class instantly. The only thing positive thing that can be said about him is that at least he isn't completely boring, but thats because you're too busy laughing at his stupidity during lecture. His tests are very hard, his curves are ridiculous (first midterm- class avg = d, final class average = to between c- and c...). Don't ever take him.

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