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Course not listed Submitted July 5, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

I signed up for Jung before he ever had any reviews posted. I thought to myself, "so, he's new, he can't be that bad, right?" and so began the biggest academic disaster of my life.

After taking a challenging 31B course in the Fall and pulling a B, i thought i would give myself a break by dropping down to 3 series math. So I signed up for Mr. Kenley Jung only knowing that he's new, thinking that he would be able to communicate well with college students not far from his own age. After signing up for the class I spoke with some friends of mine that had him for 3B in the class before. They kept telling me how arrogant and horrible he is, and how unfair his grading is. I thought that they were just upset about the grade that they got so i didnt listen (unfortunately) and stayed in the class.

I walk into his first lecture and he seems alright, nothing great, but what did it matter as long as i got a decent grade, right? The first midterm comes around, and i score the class average (29/50). Jung was always vague about grading, so i assumed that average meant C+ or so, which is what "normal" math professors do. the 2nd midterm comes around and i score 40/50 when the average was 31, and i feel much more comfortable, thinking that I'm probably at the B range or so. The final was similar to the midterms, nothing horribly tricky so i felt comfortable that i would have ATLEAST a solid B walking out of the class. Yeah, right...

Throughout the entire quarter I was always thinking, "why did all of my friends hate him so much? he wasnt that bad..." Well, it turns out that average really means that you're not passing the class. It actually means that you\355re getting a D. I ended up with a C, which kinda sucks because its barely passing and it means that I can\355t retake the good for nothing class with a halfway decent professor that knows what he/she is doing. Plus it dropped my GPA by a lot. I\355m not one to complain about things very often but something has to be done about Kenley Jung. And it\355s interesting that after only 2 quarters Kenley Jung is ranked the #1 worst and most difficult professor at UCLA according to bruinwalk (see topten at the top of this page). So, if youre thinking that the people that wrote these reviews tearing Jung apart are \354just upset about their grade\356 and that they \354got what they deserved\356 think again. This is exactly what I thought, and I seriously thought hard work would pay off in the end, but I was completely wrong. Don\355t fall for that. If you think you can beat his system go for it, but the odds are against you. (and by the way the review posted a few days ago claiming that they got an A both quarters with Jung is false. He\355s actually a friend of mine who never even took either class. Completely ignore it.) I am yet to talk to someone who actually got an A in his class.

So, in the end, my plan of taking an \354easier\356 math class by dropping to the 3 series ended up being a total catastrophe. I dropped an entire grade after going into the 3 series, from a B to a C. I honestly think I could have gotten a much higher grade taking 32A instead, plus I may have actually learned something. (3C material is completely useless, don\355t take it if you don\355t have to). Similar to the review before me, I just wish I could erase my horrid experience with Jung. My time at UCLA is scarred because of this lousy excuse of\326.whatever he is.

Course not listed Submitted June 23, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

If you're sane in any way, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM JUNG. It's ironic that he makes fun of monkeys when his lectures could be taught better by monkeys. I can't begin to explain how unfair his testing methods are. His first two midterms covered difficult material, but were fairly easy. On the other hand, his final was a total 180, it tested pieces of material at the ends of each section (the problems that are impossible). I don't know why he's a prof, he should just be fired right now. All I have to say is GARBAR. STAY AWAY!

Course not listed Submitted June 19, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Jung is the worst prof I've had...and I was unfortunate enough to take him for two quarters...3b and 3c. the only reason i passed 3b was because it was all review. 3c i learned from the book because his lectures are useless. the only reason i ever went to them was because he would talk about amsterdam and mongolian bbq all the time....i swear he was stoned every day.

grading is unfair: he sometimes forgets to post the hw on the website and his midterms and final are extremly unfair: more than half of the 2nd 3c miterm was on 10% of the material.

if ur incredibly smart and simply want to be entertained for an hour 3 days a week, take jung. if you want/need to learn something, just wait for a better prof. not worth the work for a bad grade.

Course not listed Submitted April 21, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Jung focuses too much on the conceptual part of math and never does enough problems to allow the students time to understand it. If you take his class, go to tutoring, it will help. Professor Jung doesn't have any contact with his TA's so the TA's dont really know what to go over except for the homeworks. He is a pretty bad professor considering he doesnt care if the students learn or not, he just gets confused. IN class, he always makes the worst mistakes on the board and confuses everyone else in it. My recommendation just not to take him in general. But if you already are, lecture is pretty pointless, his homework grading is pretty harsh and annoying too. Just learn by yourself, its your best chance of doing well because he is not going to help you

Course not listed Submitted June 1, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Okay, I will try to be as unbiased as possible in making this review. My advice would be to avoid Professor Jung as a math teacher and instead take another prof with more experience. Prof. Jung is fresh out of Berkeley and it is his first year teaching. He focuses too much on deriving forumlas rather than addressing how to use them. In addition, he teaches stuff from the book and assigns difficult homework. His midterms are pretty fair though, however, you have no practice midterms and no reviews. During my time here at UCLA, I'd have to say that he is by far the worst prof. This review in two words...Avoid Jung.

Course not listed Submitted June 9, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

he is horrible. ok i dont think you heard me. HORRIBLE. he's extremely arrogant, its completely rude to students when they ask questions (and he doens't bother to answer) he is by far the worst professor. I did ok on the midterm and thought i had done pretty well on the final. i was expecting an A-...what did i end up with. a C. because his curve is horrible=a D. yeah. DO NOT TAKE HIM!! I'M SERIOUS. YOU'LL REGRET IT.

Course not listed Submitted June 15, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

I consider myself pretty good at Calc, considering I got an A in 3a and an A- in 3c, but I got a C in 3b.

I'm not your typical bitter kid that writes low ratings because of bad grades. With that said, Kenley Jung is the worst professor I have taken in my two years here at UCLA. His lectures are completely useless, as he just reads theorums and such and copies them word for word from the book on the board. The tests are as hard as they can possibly be, with horrible grading schemes (such as the infamous true/false problems that mark you off if you get them wrong).

The material in the class was never very difficult, but the professor made it so. If theres any prof you avoid here, its Jung.

Course not listed Submitted April 8, 2007 Grade Received: N/A

Not as bad as most of the reviews say. Hard to access outside of the classroom (I went to his set office hours several times and he wasn't actually there). Easy to understand. He made sure that we understood as far as he could (many of the people in the class would not speak up and there were only 9 of us).
Likes T/F questions but they were all from the homeworks, as were many of the exam questions. He offered optional extra credit.

Course not listed Submitted Aug. 6, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

I took statistics during fall quarter and then took Jung's class during the following spring. Seeing as how 3C is pretty much statistics, I expected to get it. For some reason, I didn't. The class just confused what I learned from stats.

Jung knows his stuff -- but there's a difference between knowing about math and sharing that knowledge. I can tell that he thinks about the examples to use and everything -- but he doesn't pay attention to whether or not the students are following him clearly. He just keeps going. If you try to ask for help or anything, he just breezes over his answer and expects you to automatically understand whatever he says.

Overall, not a good idea.

Course not listed Submitted Feb. 20, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

There's a lot of bellyaching about Jung but I think the problem lies in the fact that most of these people actually WENT to leacture. I went to 4 lectures max all quarter and easily swooped an A (but I took calculus in highschool). I would say don't bother going to lectures, get a friend that's already taken the class or that is good at math to tutor you instead! Do the homework and go to discussions.

The highlights of lecture (the ones I DID go to) were him dropping the F-bomb, which happened pretty frequently.

I think Jung's overall fault is that he's a very new professor (his first quarter was W05, when I had him) and so he's very inconsistent and naive. As the quarters progress I'm sure he will make adjustments to his tests to help prevent negative scores, learn when to curve etc.

I say, if you want to take a class where you never show up for lecture but just spend some time every week teaching yourself the material, this class is fine. Plus you get to laugh about Jung talking about getting drunk off of 1 beer before the final review session--oh Kenley, you card!

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