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Course not listed Submitted July 9, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

I took SEA 1 for a GE in Winter 02 and I think that she expected way too much. Her reader was huge, confusing, boring and a waste of time on the few occassions that I opened it. The lectures were unorganized and boring. I feel assleep for the first time in my college history in the class. Even the videos were horrible because they were never explained. Maybe because most of the class was Asian she just assumed that we knew some things and skipped over important test words that an English speaker could not easily spell or remember. The best part was when we played in the gamalan music room for fun and the fact that Mary was so concerned about us and tried to be available. Her TA also sucked because she was stirct but did not really know how to facilitate a conversation. But her quiz, final, and how she graded papers were too difficult for a GE/intro class and did not refelct what we learned or her review. I am surprised I got a B+ and that was not easy. Until this class is restructured do not take her.

Course not listed Submitted Feb. 22, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

If Asian studies is not your major... DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS!!! It was really difficult to stay focused on the lectures. For a whole hour and a half, the professor would spit out loads of information and she always strayed from the topic making her lectures extremely hard to follow. At many times, it seemed like she expected us to know things that we were never taught. It was the few in the class who actually majored in the subject that were engaged in the class raised their hands every so often. The rest of us either took a nap, attempted to write scattered lecture notes, or didn't even go to class. We got a big fat reader which I barely looked at but amazingly, I got a B+ in the class. Now don't get me wrong, this class felt like the hardest and longest class I've ever taken. The essays were graded very tediously but the tests and quizes were fairly easy. Overall, I hated the class and couldn't wait for the quarter to end. The lectures were boring, the TA was too strict and the class definitely needs to be restructured.

Course not listed Submitted March 10, 2004 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Zurbuchen somehow managed to take some very interesting issues and topics pertaining to Southeast Asia and turn them into the most boring lectures I've ever had the displeasure of sitting through. Lectures were not at all helpful for the exams and were a complete waste of time. All you need is the course reader to do well. The class was very easy but again the lectures were just unbearable.

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