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Overall 3.9
Easiness of class 3.0
Workload 3.1
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.9
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 3.8
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ECON 171 Submitted Sept. 15, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Good professor, there isn't much work to do in this class, and you do learn something. His quizzes are somewhat tricky, but everything is based on a fair curve.

Course not listed Submitted July 25, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

this man is a complete genius when it comes to understanding the banking system and money. He completely revolutionized my thinking. His tests are ridiculously easy, and that goes for his other classes as well. Do not listen to the people who say it is a hard class. Everything is based on lectures, so just go to class and try to follow what he says. Quizes require you having to regurgitate word for word what he has told you during lecture, and his lectures are simple and easy to follow. TAKE THIS PROFESSOR IF YOU CAN!

ECON 1 Submitted Aug. 12, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Sproul is very good for Econ 1. Do not buy the book. just go to lecture. He posts lecture notes from a previous year that are almost the same as what he goes over in class. He is very helpful and nice. He always returned my emails and even gives out his cell # to his students. I called him twice! With minimal effort... I mean MINIMAL you can get an A. Just do well on his quizzes and forget the online text project. takes way too much time for 4 points.

Course not listed Submitted March 16, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Sproul is a good professor. His only problem is his whole theory that Econ rules everything. I think he should start recycling no matter what his theory says. Econ 1 with him was very easy.... so are all econ classes!

ECON 101 Submitted Sept. 25, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

Overall a good, straightforward lecturer, I guess. However, I did expect a better grade in the class. And like the complaints listed below, his lecture notes, online textbooks, and online projects are only worth a couple of points (though it took me 6-7 hours to complete). He is always available at office hours to answer your questions, but when you do ask him a question, he mumbles the answers to you and never bothers to elaborate on it. His quizzes and tests are pretty tricky, so be sure to study your lecture notes well. If I had the chance to take him again...oh nevermind...why bother

Course not listed Submitted March 14, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

He is a very nice professor, his quizzes are fairly easy. His lecture will definitely help.

ECON 171 Submitted Sept. 27, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

The teacher is not as easy as the ratings says!
His quizzes are tricky and pretty challenging.
As for the effectiveness of teaching, he is really good. He gave us assignments that are really troublesome to do, but you should do it cause there was only 3 assignments during the whole course. He is really concerned about our learnings and even gave out his cellphone number to us! If you are willing to concentrate and learn something, take his class!!

ECON 101 Submitted Aug. 3, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

It was an fairly straight forward class. Do the study guide and you will be set. His quizzes were
easy, the final knocked me on my a**. You don't have to agree with him, as long as you simply understand him.

Course not listed Submitted Aug. 28, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Sproul is a good professor that teaches econ 1 in his own unique way...He explains supply,demand, profit max, firm cost curves, and other econ topics clearly. Unfortunately, the homework problems he gives out don't prepare you for the test well so you really need to focus on his lectures. He's very approachable and helpful in office hours. His pro-business views appeal to me but he may have irked some of the liberal greens in the class when he debunked recycling and several govt. subsidies as economically inefficient in lecture. He only teachers at UCLA during the summers, but if you get the chance you should take him.

Course not listed Submitted Sept. 13, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

very straightforward lecturer, tests are a bit tricky but not too impossible

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