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Overall 4.6
Easiness of class 2.6
Workload 2.2
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 4.4
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 4.4
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Course not listed Submitted March 21, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Mike is the best! He remembers everyone's names, is more than eager to help you outside of class, and very funny. Take MIKE!!! =)

Course not listed Submitted June 27, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

I think Professor Vendrasco was absolutely great! I've always had a fascination for dinosaurs, ever since I was little, so taking this class was really exciting for me. Professor Vendrasco made it all the more fun with his slides, lecture style and attitude. He's a funny guy and you'll definitely learn a lot of cool things about Dinosaurs and Their Relatives.

It was also great going on the field trip to The Natural History Museum and Silverado Canyon to hunt for fossils! Professor Vendrasco lets you bring friends that aren't in the clas with you too, which is pretty cool of him and it was a pretty awesome experience getting out there and searching through the fossil sediments.

This class could be an easy A, but I think what really messed me up was the Lab Final. So I ended up with a B. The TA's are really picky when it comes to labs and they can be brutal sometimes on your labs. Lab is worth half of your grade for this class, so be careful with this class if you think it's gonna be an easy ride...IT'S NOT!!!

As for the lecture part, the midterm and final were all multiple choice and a breeze if you payed attention in lecture and went over the reader a couple of times at least. Overall, I think Professor Vendrasco is a great teacher and I would definitely recommend taking this class...just beware of lab sessions and the lab final!!!

Course not listed Submitted April 3, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

VERY funny. He loves jack handy and will always bring in quotes from him if it is sorta relavant to what you're learning. He threw eggs at the chalkboard when learning about extinction!

Course not listed Submitted Feb. 23, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Mike is the COOLEST! Science can get pretty boring at times, but with Mike you will never lose you will be laughing your butt off. He's also a great teacher.

Course not listed Submitted Feb. 22, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Mike is fucking bad ass. Funniest man on campus. Teaches well also. Take his classes.

Course not listed Submitted June 25, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

He's a really funny guy. I especially liked the videos that he showed during the final lecture. DO NOT miss it. His laugh reminds me of Krusty the Clown with a deeper laugh. His grading is done according to a scale, so if you read the reader, you'll easily get an A. If you attend lecture, you can easily get an A+ if you don't fall asleep.

The labs are pretty straightforward, and the lab final is somewhat tricky (they give you things that you have never seen before), but it is still not that bad as long as you don't lose your cool.

Two of the labs kinda suck because you have to color for one of them, and do a short writeup for the other. However, this is still fair in the long run and they generally help you more than hurt you if you do them.

Course not listed Submitted March 2, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Mike is a great professor. He loves teaching and his lectures will keep you entertained with Jack Handy quotes and Far Side comics. Take him and you'll gain a new appreciation for eggs crashing into chalkboards at high speeds.

Course not listed Submitted March 1, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Mike kicks ass, the best professor's I've had at UCLA so far. he really tries to make sure you understand/care about everything he's teaching. funny, easy going guy

Course not listed Submitted Feb. 15, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Mike is incredible. He is very entertaining and extremely concerned about student learning. I had him as a TA for GE70, and he was very friendly and helpful. What a fun discussion!

Course not listed Submitted June 15, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

A wonderful professor who has awesome lectures. Fun and informative. Course reader is good too. I would recommend his class to anyone and everyone. This was a great class!

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