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FILM TV 115 Submitted Dec. 6, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Browne has no idea what to do with an undergraduate class. His lectures are totally incohesive, giving no background for the films viewed, and providing no general outline of what exactly the course had covered. 2 weeks before the end of the quarter he announced that there would be a final (the syllabus specifically said there wouldn't be one), and refused to talk about the format the final would be in. He then cancelled the one section that was supposed to be held before the final, and failed to show up at office hours to answer all the questions the class had. His decision to hold a final came after the entire quarter had consisted not of lectures but of open discussions, which he was powerless to moderate, and let diverge entirely from the course material, and the readings he passed out were never discussed so the course was in no way structured to make a final appropriate. His mannerisms are incredibly annoying, and he makes the students feel looked down upon. While the films chosen for the course were good ones, and on the syllabus it seemed that each week would cover a specific topic, instead the whole class seemed to lack any sort of cohesive element.

Course not listed Submitted May 23, 2008 Grade Received: N/A

The guy reminds you of every movie-reviewer ever. Chuckly, portly, glasses, and quite the command of English language and grammar--though his idea of writing is the boring kind. A seemingly nice guy, nonetheless. The problem with this professor is, like so many here at UCLA, that he's stuck in a box, a tiny one. EVERYTHING we viewed was "Hollywood" cinema, and he smugly laughed off anything that didn't fit that scope.

Most insulting to me (white male) was during our discussion of a review (a truly inspirational piece on Pulp Fiction) written by bel hooks , wherein his first-attempted isightful remark was, "Can we just say that this is an angry black woman?" after having mentioned nothing of the color/sex of the male reveiwer discussed just prior. My jaw dropped, and my hand raised. Blindly ignorant was he on numerous occasions.

Each week was an assigned movie viewing (which was actually tiresome to fit in considering they were mostly 3-hr works), lots of little paper/reviews on the movies. And then, he introduces the last 4!! essays/reviews. None of the papers were that long, but a lot to assign during the last weeks of a ten-week quarter.

Don't know if I could recommend it because even though the class only held about 15 kids, I and some others still managed to doze off while we watched second-by-second one of these mind-numbing classic American films.

Teach something innovative and inspirational!! Open your mind! I can compare reviews/critics online myself, and I don't need to pay $600+ for it.

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