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JAPAN 4 Submitted Nov. 20, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

really great teacher. she really cares about each student and if you show effort, she really appreciates it. she loves teaching and you can tell. i have learned more japanese and faster from her than any other teacher i've ever had. she gives great assignemnts and quizzes to help students learn faster. Great teacher.

Course not listed Submitted June 26, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

Yamada Sensei is, contrary to what I've occasionally heard about her, a good teacher. She is definitely polite and cares about her students, and that is apparent in the extra detail she puts into making review packets, her feedback and even the attention to smaller things like particles or tense when you speak with her. It might seem tedious that she makes you repeat something if the tense or the structure is wrong, but it is actually because she cares a lot about her students. She isn't easy, but she is not impossible either. I believe 05-06 was her first year here, so she's still acclimating to how to get the most out of lecture. Sometimes she will try a new type of lecturing, and get only timidity from the students, but she'll have the perseverance to try something new the next day. She does make the class do a lot of pair work, which sometimes is not helpful and unnecessary, but is just as frequently helpful and is a way to get to know the people in one's section. She was very kind and helpful to me in office hours and seems genuinely pleased when students show a desire, even if it is small, to learn. Her tests aren't too difficult, but one must budget one's time well, and the listening sections can also be tricky. Her grading policy is fair, although she is occasionally picky about details like particles and such. But most of the time, she will note your minor mistake to you but not take off for it. I know that Nogami is the fan favorite in the Japanese department, but complaints about getting Yamada's lecture instead are, I believe, unfounded. Yamada has a different style than Nogami for sure, and while not as openly hilarious, she has her own subtle way of making the class worth while. She has some good jokes, you just have to listen closely for them.

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