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ENGCOMP 3 Submitted Jan. 1, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

Really nice guy and entertains the class each and every lecture. If you understand and utilize his recommendations on your essays you should definitely be able to pull off an A-, if not an A. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Samuels' class considering I was a pretty decent writer and got an A.

Course not listed Submitted Nov. 27, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

u have to do what he says, which is understandable, however there is no room for negotiation. if u have a difference of opinion he will make sure that it is known that ur opinion is wrong and ill conceived.

for english 3 i think he your best bet; he uses movies, tv shows and music to get his points across, and he has a sense of humor. but, if u don't laugh at his jokes or agree with one of his claims, u will pay.

i ended up with a B+ in his class last winter, most people got an A-, the lowest grade u can get is a straight B. i got my B+ because i didnt really participate in class, and didnt really come to much, which is 25% of your grade and he obviously takes it quite seriously

Course not listed Submitted Nov. 19, 2004 Grade Received: N/A

Postmodernism and technology. If you have the slightest interest in either of the two, then you will enjoy Sameuels' class. I can truly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed his class. Dr. Samuels is funny, there is no doubt about that. His random and intellectual sense of humor makes the time go by in Comp 3.

The papers, I must say were very fun to write. Analyzing classes and film with respect to postmodern culture and society brings contemporary American life into perspective. Analyzing the postmodernism and technology through film adds to the overall fun. You will soon come to realize, that The about...FOOD. It's remarkably interesting to discover what on earth was going through Dr. Samuels' mind when he initially analyzed films and shows like The Matrix, Jurassic Park, Seinfeld, and Office Space.

Finally, I tell you, take this class if you are in need of Satisfying the Writing I requirement. Samuels does help you work out the minor quirks in sentence structure. All you have to do is ask. Take advantage of office hours, they are your friend. This allows for some one on one time, which will allow you to have him put in his professional input for making your papers better.

ENGCOMP 3 Submitted May 3, 2009 Grade Received: N/A

Samuels is pretty awesome! One of the funniest professor I have ever had of my years at UCLA. Although he talks alot about irrelevant things in class, because he is so FUNNY, I can't wait to go to class everytime. However, if you really want to learn, he teaches something but not as much as some of the other professors. But nothing's pretty, so i think he is awesome and i'll totally take him again if he offers other courses.

Course not listed Submitted March 28, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

Samuels is one of the best teachers I've had at UCLA. He knows how to make a class interesting, even with a boring topic like postmodernism. Also, he's known to inflate your grades a little bit so you don't get discouraged and stop trying. There were 4 papers he assigned, one was a two page extension to one that was already written. Another thing is that he only grades 3 papers, so if you're satisfied with your first three you don't have to write the fourth. I don't think you have to be an excellent writer to get an A, just listen to what he says in class so you know what he expects. Participate and go to ALL classes... I ended up with an A- and I feel like I barely did anything. Take his class! You won't regret it

Course not listed Submitted July 13, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

Tells lots of jokes which keeps class from getting dull. However, he doesn't ever let student discussion build. When students make comments that aren't on track with the way he wants the discussion to go he'll crack a joke, or cut it down or quickly transition to next topic.

He also has some pretty warped views on student writing. If you take his class, you'll see what I'm talking about. He focuses on critically understanding technology and post-modernism in film and student writing, but doesn't spend enough time giving practical feedback. For example, he gives stock feedback which he admits is the same (wording and content) for everybody in the class. In one of the articles included in the reader (one of 3 written by him) the example criticism included in the article which was published years ago was EXACTLY the same as the one he wrote on my paper and everyone else in the class. When it was brought up in class discussion he didn't seem to think there was anything wrong.

Class is interesting but if you want to learn how to write get another section.

Course not listed Submitted June 26, 2004 Grade Received: N/A

he was a good teacher i think....
i hated writing, but his class was not that much of trauma. He basically used " postmodernism" as the theme for the whole quarter. We wrote 3 paper (the last one was just the revision of the second paper). If you show improvement using the skills that he teaches you in class, he will see it and improve your grades as well. ONE important advise that i would give is to SPEAK UP IN HIS CLASS, he really counts participation and usually there are only certain ppl that talk in class, soooo speak up in class he will see it and he will keep it in mind.

Course not listed Submitted Dec. 23, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

he's a funnny guy,i'll give u that, esp if ure into the quirky,random, spazzy sense of humor. he's definitely knowledgable in what he's teaching and his means for teaching english is surely unorthodox and for the most part effective and interesting. the guy is really really great outside of the classroom i think, i over slept and missed an office hr and he was pretty chill about it and we just rescheduled. take his class if u need eng 3

Course not listed Submitted March 6, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

I liked Dr. Samuels. Though the subject he talked about was kinda abstract for me (Post-modernism), he talks about what he wants in the paper in class. You can't not get an A on the paper. We 'analyzed' movies such as The Matix, Office Space, Jurassic Park I, and Seinfeld. He doesn't really correct your writing style so you won't get points deducted for not writing in 'his' style.

He was very knowledgeable about the subjects he was talking about. It was an interesting class ...

Course not listed Submitted March 21, 2003 Grade Received: N/A

We learned some interesting things in class, and he is really really laid back. He is genuinely interested in making the class good for the students and even asks for feedback mid quarter. He is also a pretty nice grader and overall the class is easy.

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