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Overall 4.5
Easiness of class 3.2
Workload 3.0
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 4.5
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Helpfulness of professor 3.9
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ART HIS 56A Submitted Jan. 7, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

An easy GE overall.
Grading Distribution: Midterm 20%+Paper 20%+Final 40%+ Discussion 20% (attendance10%+participation10%).
Midterm and final are both 3 essays. 2 on the slides and 1 big question. Key sites for slides and study questions are given a week or two before the exams for review.
LACMA Ticket are required to hand in with the paper as proof of visit.
Course reader is really expensive! It's somewhat useful for the paper and the discussion, but can be ignored. I got an A- without it.
Selling the book DARSAN for $10. Brand new despite very few pencil underlines. Please text (310)745-4257 if interested.

ART HIS 56A Submitted Jan. 3, 2013 Grade Received: N/A

Selling course reader for this course. Super cheap and I also have the supplemental reading DARSAN as well. If interested, text at (559) 577-7505.

ART HIS 56A Submitted June 24, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

Course: Art History 56A

As an Art History major, this class felt watered-down and vague. It's exceptionally hospitable to non-Art History majors and people without prior experience, but seems to fall flat if you were expecting an in-depth examination of Asian Art. There's very little traditional stylistic analysis and very few monuments--which makes the class easy, but not necessarily informative. Professor Brown's lectures could get a little dry, but thankfully doing the readings and attending section is enough to earn you an "A" in the course.

ART HIS 56A Submitted June 8, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

Take this class !!!!!!

ART HIS 56A Submitted Feb. 21, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

Brown is an awesome professor! He is completely interesting to listen to and for those that do not like Art History all that much, I suggest to you this class. It is user friendly and filled with beautiful art to boot. Every time I went to class it was a bit like a story time (not to belittle Brown at all)--he presented the art but then he would also surround the art and give it meaning through a presentation of the social background...history...I guess that is why it is art history...

Anyhow, take this class, go to lecture, you. will. be. fine.

ART HIS 56A Submitted Dec. 20, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

Awesome professor and class. Discussion Participation 20% Midterm 20% Paper 20% Final 40%. Definitely buy the online course notes that Prof. Brown posts as they are pretty much word for word of what he explains in lecture. You don't go over that many pieces of art so it is pretty simple to keep track of all of the 10 or so periods that you are accountable for. You are given about 8 study questions for the midterm and final that some form of these questions will be on the test, so no surprises on the exams. Definitely depends on your TA, so hope for a good one as I loved my TA and it made it a pretty easy A.

ART HIS 56A Submitted Dec. 6, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

I had almost no interest in art history, and this ended up being my favorite class of the quarter. His tests are exceedingly fair and he doesnt make you memorize hundreds of slides. His lectures are really interesting and easy to follow. He is also really funny, which makes going to class a lot more enjoyable. I love Prof Brown and this class was great!!

Course not listed Submitted April 3, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

he is the greatest professor. he knows what hes talking about, and hes clear and sometimes repetitive about the material. but that helps since its easier to memorize the material. his tests are hella straightforward. he goes over everything you need to know, over and then over again. and he can be FUN =) although i have gotten a little sleepy here and there. overall, hes great and definitely take him for art history 56a =) =) hes the bomb..

Course not listed Submitted March 8, 2007 Grade Received: N/A

As a teacher, he's great. He even dressed up as Indiana Jones one day in lecture. I love how he teaches the class, but unfortunately he doesn't give out the grades.

I have Rebecca as a TA right now and she's so nice. There are quizzes sometimes but they don't really count. There's a paper, midterm, and final (and don't forget to participate 20%). Anyway, she's such a nice TA, but she grades so hard!

I thought I would get at least an A- on my midterm but I got a C. It's not that easy. The course reader is scary (I've only read 20 pages/500+?). The lectures are great, just depends on your TA.

Course not listed Submitted July 23, 2005 Grade Received: N/A

funny and nice guy. but watch out bc it depends who you get for your TA. mine was so hard and it screwed us all over. but there was another one that was so easy and practically handed out A's. so my best advice would be to simply make sure that you get a TA. and yes, brown is a pretty good teacher.

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