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Course not listed Submitted March 15, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

It was really surprising to see this review because I actually thought that Anyonge was a wonderful professor. I'm not one to go to office hours but he made me feel welcome and like he was generally concerned with me as a student and a person. His test is really not that hard. Granted it is memorization, but what's new? I memorized the information for the midterm the night before and got a B. Imagine if I had actually studied? Anyone who can't pass his LS 1 class should probably give up the dream of practicing medicine because he is not bad at all.

Course not listed Submitted March 4, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

I am taking OBEE 110 (Vertebrate Morphology) with Anyonge, and it's the most difficult and time consuming class I have ever taken in my 5 years at UCLA. Both the lecture and the lab require an incredible amount of memorization. The pointless of it all will stagger and overwhelm you. Over one third of the class dropped in the first few weeks.
Anyonge is not the best lecturer because he tries to cover so much in lecture that he rushes through it and often doesn't pay attention to his students' questions, answering the wrong thing and quickly switching back to lecture. One the plus side, it's apparent that he likes to teach and is interested in the subject. Also, he is very animated and has funny antics when physically illustrating vertebrate morphology on his own body. Too bad the class is so focused on memorizating minutiae, as there are occasional hints during the course that the subject could be some much more interesting. Finally, Anyonge has little sympathy for the students about the difficulty level of the course because he supposedly took an even harder equivalent class when he was in college. I don't recommend him as a teacher because he will make you memorize lists of facts and will fail to make the subject interesting for most people.

Course not listed Submitted March 2, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

i don't know where all these negative comments about anyonge is coming from because even though he's not the most interesting lecturer in the world he's a fair professor. i had him for 3 weeks in ls1 and even though he was not as good a lecturer as professor martin, he was still pretty decent. he simply had a different style than her. as far as what he tested us on he was very fair and straightforward. i would recommend him.

Course not listed Submitted Feb. 28, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Anyonge was great for LS1! He is seriously one of the best profs I've had at UCLA, along w/ Hardinger for Chem. He is an interesting lecturer, clear yet detailed, w/ a sense of humor. I like his reader because all the notes are outlined for you. His tests are fair too, and all multiple choice. I highly recommend him!

Course not listed Submitted Feb. 28, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

I guess it depends on personal preference, but I liked dr. anyonge. I had to actually take notes, which meant that i had to focus in lecture. His exam wasnt so bad, save for the fact that he seemed to be testing the student on how well he/she reads the question rather than on concepts.

Course not listed Submitted Feb. 27, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

the three weeks of life sci 1 with anyonge were the worst three weeks of a science class I have ever had. I love science.... but this prof. made me start to hate it, not a good thing at all. And he made us learn a bunch of stupid, unrelated facts that he didn't even know. It's hard to want to learn from someone who doesn't even know what they are talking about. If a professor doesn't care to prepare themselves enough to know the material, then why should we, as students, have any desire to put in the effort to learn it?

Course not listed Submitted Feb. 27, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

I took LS1 when Anyonge co-taught, and I thought he was the WORST lecturer I had ever encountered. The entire three weeks or so when he was lecturing I probably went to class twice, because he SUCKED. And to top it off, he was quite rude to students who would ask questions and stuff....DON'T take Anyonge.

Course not listed Submitted April 19, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

Reading through the reviews, i see that the majority of the students rating Prof. Anyonge as bad are mostly of LS 1 students. Right now, I am taking OBEE 120 with him, and so far, I am considering him as one of the BEST biology professors I've had here at UCLA. First of all, he is VERY CARING about students' learning. He always go out of his way to explain things during lecture, and he does a damn good job. Secondly, his presentations are organized...and i mean, the whole outline and everything. What more can you ask for?
Also, some of you criticize his humor. I think he's already doing his best to make the class interesting, and if you find it annoying, then you try getting up on stage and act like a clown. but i highly doubt you'll even come close to teach as well as he does.

Basically, if you had him for LS 1, then that was likely your first or second biology class at UCLA. How can you even rate him as bad when you haven't even come close to experiencing the worst? There are much more terrible professors in biochem and physics, not to mention harder. So don't complain because you can't memorize photosynthesis or fungi. You're just getting the tip of the iceberg. Wait until you have to memorize all the steps and details of each rxn in the citric acid cycle in biochem. then you'll see that ls1 was a cinch.

The fact is, Prof. Anyonge is a terrific professor, and a great person. Don't criticize him because you can't handle memorizing, cuz that's what bio's about. U need to understand the concepts he teaches you... & I don't see how you can take bad notes since he outlines and writes all important info on the board... but then again, if you miss class, then it's your own fault.

Course not listed Submitted March 13, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

I personally do not understand why so many people are rating Professor Anyonge so low. I had him for LS 1 and thought he was a great professor. His lectures were very clear and very organized. His reader was great and easy to follow. He was obviously very excited about the material it showed through the lecture. He was also very nice and easy to approach...oh and ask him about soccer, he loves to play soccer. You can see him out on the IM fields playing every once in a while. It seems to me that the people who are rating him so low as a lecturer and hard as a tester are bitter premeds who were weeded out by his class. His tests weren't that hard, in fact kinda easy...not that I set the curve or anything but trust me those who think he's hard obviously haven't had many professors here at UCLA quite yet, try taking an LS 2 test or sitting in a lecture by Professor Roverud, then they'll get their reality check. I highly recommend Anyonge as a professor and if I were an OBEE major I would take his OBEE 110 just to have him again as a professor.

Course not listed Submitted March 13, 2001 Grade Received: N/A

It is interesting reading these reviews - so many LS 1 students rate him as the "worst" bio prof they have ever had... but how many could they have had?

I am almost at the end of my degree - and am currently in OBEE 110. I have to say that Dr. Anyonge is one of the BEST profs in the department. He is as witty and excited about his material as Dr. Fong, who has recieved great reviews on this site (but does not teach core life science courses). He cares that students are learning the material, and he is the first to admit that the amount of material is substantial. He is always available for office hours, and is more than happy to meet with students at other times too. The cute TA and the fat TA are also great (where is

So what is the problem, and why does Dr. Anyonge have such low ratings? Probably because only students who are doing badly in LS 1 or OBEE 110 usually bother to respond to this forum, and may do so multiple times. Also, in the current session of 110, he is constantly being interupted by SILLY confirmatory questions by students that can't hold their tongues until after lecture or during office hours. These distractions would throw anyone off their concentration... when no questions are asked, his lectures sail smoothly and he goes well into the depth that he expects us to reproduce on exams. He gives great hints for what will be tested on too - for those who listen carefully (statements like "you should know this" or "pages X and Y of the reader are really important" are dead giveaways).

Dr. Anyonge is one of the best profs this department has to offer, and all of the bellyaching done by students here poorly represent the students that he has taught. I recommend him.

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