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Easiness of class 2.8
Workload 2.7
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Clarity of professor 4.0
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Helpfulness of professor 3.8
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HIST 162A, taken Winter 2019 Submitted Oct. 28, 2020 Grade Received: A

loved summerhill! chill witty white man. super easy A, interesting lectures, you do not need to do the readings. he presents the lecture like a story or narrative of brazilian history. I learned so much and it was definitely a worthwhile course. exams were very simple, one midterm and one final.

HIST 161, taken Spring 2019 Submitted Feb. 19, 2020 Grade Received: B+

This class was harder than I expected for sure. Summerhill is clearly very knowledgeable on the subject, but I found his lectures to be somewhat confusing and hard to follow. He has slides for each lecture, but much of the needed information did not appear on them. However, if you can take good notes in class, familiarize yourself with the subject, and do all of the readings, you will do fine in the class.

HIST 161, taken Spring 2019 Submitted June 22, 2019 Grade Received: A

I had Summerhill for Modern Brazil last quarter and I loved him so I took him again for this class. He is a great professor but I found this class to be quite challenging just because I had a hard time keeping up with which country is doing what. The material is kind of a lot in this class because all of Latin America is quite broad and difficult to keep straight. Summerhill does a good job of teaching and kept me engaged through lectures. He also had all of the readings except one posted online so you don't have to pay a fortune for books. He's an outstanding lecturer, the class can just be a little tricky because of how broad it is.

HIST 162A, taken Winter 2019 Submitted March 29, 2019 Grade Received: A

I loved Summerhill! He is hilarious and gives lectures like he's telling you a juicy story with lots of drama, but this makes them super interesting to listen to. He is obviously very passionate about what he's teaching and he really captivates his audience with the way he lectures. He gives you a study guide a week before the midterm (40%) and final (50%) so you know exactly what to study. For the map quiz (10%) he gives you a map with exactly what he will test you on and you just learn that. If you go to lecture and follow along you will definitely do well in this class, he makes it easy to want to learn about the material. He strongly resembles Will Ferrel also. Love that

HIST 162A, taken Winter 2019 Submitted March 29, 2019 Grade Received: A

Summerhill is a great professor. His lectures are engaging, informative, and often funny. Getting an A in this class isn't hard. The map quiz is 10% and it's easy to get a perfect score on it if you study the map. The midterm (40%) and final (50%) are not hard at all. Go to lecture, take notes, and review the study guide and you'll get an A. The tests are mostly multiple choice with 1 or 2 bluebook answers. The readings do help, but you don't need to do them. I would definitely recommend this class. He is also hilarious and looks/ acts like Will Ferrell.

HIST 162A, taken Winter 2019 Submitted Feb. 25, 2019 Grade Received: A

Summerhill is an AMAZING professor. Lectures are interesting and he is super funny. Map Quiz 10%, Midterm 40%, Final 50%. If you need an easy history class take this, or even as a GE. There are a couple of books he wants you to read but you don't need to read anything until the final. Light work. No assignments, which is nice and honestly he makes everything super clear in lecture. Would definitely recommend.

HIST 162A Submitted Feb. 10, 2012 Grade Received: N/A

He is an awesome Prof. Very funny and makes lecture enjoyable. Map quiz(10%), Midterm(40%) and Final(50%). He curves which is helpful. For the study guide make sure you know the terms because you will have to write an essay on one of them. Those multiple choice questions can be tricky so make sure you take notes in class and focus on everything when studying. The study guide only covers a portion of it. Movies he shows will not be tested, but are enjoyable to watch if you're a guy.

HIST 162A, taken Winter 2017 Submitted June 12, 2017 Grade Received: A

Professor Summerhill teaches in a straightforward way, but at the same time he keeps your interest. He puts on slides that mostly serve as a guiding point, but the majority of lecture is him going over the lesson orally. That can make it a little difficult to follow along, especially if he changes the topic abruptly, but it is not too difficult to discern if you are paying attention.

Exams were very straightforward. The map quiz was worth 10% of your grade, and that was just memorizing the map that the professor provided. Midterm and final were multiple choice questions. Again, I would say that most of the answers are something you can find in your notes, although there were a few questions from the readings that did pop up. The provided study guides were lists of potential terms.

Summerhill emphasized that the best process to prepare for the exams would be to answer Who, What, Where, When, Why and How for each of the terms. This would serve two purposes, the first would be that if you had knowledge of these terms in this sense, you could narrow down your multiple choice answers to the correct one. The second purpose would be that you could use these facts to organize a coherent essay. Summerhill says that he randomly selects a study term and you are to write a short essay on it. He mentioned that if the randomly selected term did not have too much to write about it, that you would write two short essays. Luckily that never happened in this class.

The essay part of the exams weren't too hard. My process was to organize the facts from what I had memorized and write a coherent chronology of events (with the dates if possible) about the term and why they mattered. The who, what, where, when why and how really saved my butt on the midterm and final.

Professor Summerhill doesn't make it hard to stay focused, he was always walking around and tossing in funny anecdotes. If you can follow along and write good, detailed notes about what he covers, then you should be good. There were no tricks to this class, everything was laid out as directly and straightforward as possible.

Attendance was not taken, but if you missed out on a day you would have to ask a classmate for the notes. The slides were posted online, but they were just powerpoints of the talking points that the professor went over. If you just utilized those without notes from the day, you would be missing a lot of the bulk of the topic.

Overall: If you don't mind taking notes for 90 minutes and listening to interesting topics about Brazil, told by someone who is funny, engaging and interesting, then by all means take this class. Some history classes can be dense and make it hard to push through. This class is not one of them. If you do your part, study study study and follow along, you will be fine. I studied flashcards of the terms a few days before the exams and I ended up with an A in the class. I copied my notes verbatim to what was being lectured and that was worth GOLD! If you can do something similar you will be good to go!

HIST 162C Submitted Dec. 26, 2011 Grade Received: N/A

Summerhill was my favorite professor of the Fall Quarter. His lectures are far from boring, and his method of delivery is quite hilarious. He will pace around the class, occasionaly presenting incredibly open ended questions such as "Who's that guy I'm thinking of?". The class itself is really laid back. At least 3 days consisted of watching modern action movies about Brazil which contained no testable material. Grades consist of a map quiz (10%), midterm (40%), and a final (50%). For the midterm and final, when he says the short essay will be randomly selected, he means it, so prepare well for all of them.
I recieved an A- in the class, which was the product of me slaying the first two assignments and then not trying as hard later in the course. Big mistake. Stay consistent and go to class.

Course not listed Submitted April 14, 2002 Grade Received: N/A

cool cat. lectures are interesting and well organized. approachable both in class and outside. makes the course enjoyable, ammount of work is reasonable, not overwhelming.

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