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Overall 3.6
Easiness of class 1.8
Workload 2.0
Not Clear
Clarity of professor 3.6
Not Helpful
Helpfulness of professor 3.5
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ENGL 131, taken Winter 2020 Submitted June 24, 2021 Grade Received: A+

I didn't really have to go to her office hour or anything to pass her Postcolonial Literature course. She is just plain amazing, so inspirational. I can't say for her other courses but you won't regret taking her postcolonial literature course. We had to do a creative assignment which you can create your own Spotify playlist, write a pitch for a movie, or etc., and I had so much fun with it. I really appreciated her creating a Google doc for the class so that all classmates can communicate with each other without a problem. Again, Dr. Goyal is an amazing professor. Take herrrr!

Course not listed Submitted March 14, 2006 Grade Received: N/A

Professor Goyal is a very smart woman who is very intuitive and passionate about literature. She can seem at times intimidating but she is really a good professor with a good heart. She is very concerned with student learning and interpretation and she forces you to think beyond a shallow interpretation of the texts. Definetly take her if you want to know what an organized professor is like!

ENGL M104A Submitted June 5, 2010 Grade Received: N/A

She was amazing.People found her intimidating because she was extremely organized, prepared, intelligent and well put but I liked her. She is calm and soft spoken.Her lectures never went on tangents or got lost; she always made her point, had evidence to back up her arguments and referred to page numbers multiple times. Her office hours were great: you could sit and go over anything and she would repeat and explain until you understood. Her midterm was wonderful! The study sheet was EXACTLY like the test. By studying off of it, I was 100% prepared! There are no papers in this class!!! YAY! The midterm and final, plus attendance, make up your grade but the material, lectures, and study guides help you through them.
I recommend her because she really cares about her students. When she got stuck in Ireland, she posted videocam lectures. She had movies for us to watch and articles/essays to read. Very, very pleasant person!

ENGL 11, taken Spring 2020 Submitted June 12, 2020 Grade Received: A

Your grade depends on your TA. I had Sal, he was really cool and helpful. Also, this class covers books, movies, image galleries etc., it's not too monotonous.
Attendance 15%
Discussion Sections participation: 15%
Gallery project 15%
Paper 1: 25%
Paper 2: 30%
Prof. Goyal herself is cool too. She's knowledgeable and the issues discussed in class are pretty relevant and current. You don't need to do all the readings 100%, just focus well on the ones you'll be writing about.

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