519 Glenrock Ave.

Average monthly rent: $3800.0

Average number of bedrooms: N/A


  • Allows Cats
  • Allows Small Animals
  • Includes Water
  • Includes Laundry
  • Includes Trash
  • Has Landlord Onsite
from 6 users


Overall 3.8
Quietness 1.2
Poorly Kept
Upkeep 4.3
Well Kept
Landlord 3.7
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 3.7


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Submitted June 4, 2019

I really enjoyed living in this apartment. Laura our manager was great and adorable. She’s super accommodating and truly cares for tenants. It’s a great location from campus, and rent is in the middle range for apartments in Westwood. The building is well kept, safe, and comfortable. Loved my time here!

Submitted Jan. 21, 2018

I lived in a two bed two bath with four other people and the unit was pretty decent. There's carpeted bedrooms, clean bathrooms, good closet space, and plenty of sunlight gets into the apartment. The main deal breaker is the noise. The place is really nice and quiet until around 9-10pm, when the neighboring apartments host loud parties until 3am. The windows and walls do nothing to block out sound. Also, the dishwashers are leaky and the blinds keep falling off. Laura is nicer and more accommodating than other apartment managers I've met, but she often forgets to follow through with work orders and tends to blame problems on tenants. This apartment is definitely not worth the $3600 a month (and rent keeps increasing each year) and there are a lot better deals out there in Westwood.

Submitted Sept. 23, 2017

The apartment itself is fine. It's maintained well and problems are fixed quickly. But I wouldn't reccommend living here for 3 reasons.

1, there are loud party buildings close by which can be deafening on weekends until 3AM.

2, the parking is TERRIBLE. All the spots are compact and the design of the garage makes side swipes and scratches unavaoidable on your car.

3, the manager Laura is very unhelpful. She's always quick to blame the tenants for anything and thinks she knows best. Even though she runs the apartment efficiently, overall her personality is grating and all my roommates dislike talking to her or asking for help.

Submitted Aug. 25, 2009

My review wouldn't do this place justice. I feel very lucky to have nabbed a spot in the building.

Submitted March 11, 2009

The manager promises to do everything, but only after much prodding will he do anything. However, the apartment complex is nice, although it is a bit cramped.

Submitted March 5, 2009

The apartment is very decent. It's not luxurious but it's very comfortable and homely. The living room has wooden floors and the counters are granites. The restroom is very suitable for having multiple roommates because the shower and toilet are separate from the sinks (there's 2). This is really good since everybody needs to get ready in the morning. The manager and his wife are really sweet and understanding people. In addition, they are usually very good at fixing any problems you have. It's really a great place to live and the rent is pretty good. I lived here for 3 years and I really enjoyed my stay. Great environment to study.

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