528, 530, 532 Midvale Ave.

Average monthly rent: $0.0

Average number of bedrooms: N/A


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Overall 3.5
Quietness 2.0
Poorly Kept
Upkeep N/A
Well Kept
Landlord 2.5
Not Spacious
Spaciousness 2.5


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Submitted Sept. 3, 2010

This place is whatever you make of it, best thing about this apartment is that you can literally make it however you want it. We picked this place because we fell in love with the charm of the building and all those details in the molding, wooden floors and fire place (that we never used but it just looks like home). The landlord lets us paint the walls any color we want! So we had purple living room and our bedrooms were just whatever we agreed with our roommate. Chill neighbors, they really don't complain. Then again I made friends with people next door. Definitely a party stop, when there's a party the recycle bin is FULL OF BEER BOTTLES AND CANS, but that's how we roll in 90024. There's like 2 slots for parking, but the rest will have to park on the streets and that's always a B**** but you know, that's UCLA for ya.

Submitted March 10, 2009

A filthy shithole called the mansion, shady landlord, filthy and collapsing, but home to some of the best parties in the village.

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