535 Gayley Ave.

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Submitted July 19, 2012

I recently moved into Ariel Court for the year as a UCLA student. The landlord made sure to have my apartment completely re-done: new paint, new carpet, new fixtures, new shower head, new faux wood floors, new ceiling fan, and new knobs on everything. The apartment was deep cleaned and beautiful and has remained that way! The landlord is incredibly helpful, knowledgable, and approachable. I feel comfortable, as a young female student, living alone for the summer until my roommate moves into the apartment in the fall. The only complaints are: my Amazon package was stolen/misplaced when I sent it to this apartment. They don't have a designated mail-room, and so it was (officially) delivered, but I never actually received it. And, the noise from my street (Gayley) is terrible due to construction, but I can always close a window and ignore it. Otherwise, it is a wonderful place to live! The exterior and interior are always clean and attractive. The maintenance and administrative staff are all so kind and respond immediately to any questions I have.

Overall, I would DEFINITELY recommend Ariel Courts to any UCLA students looking for an apartment literally across the street with minimal noise, always clean, and full of knowledgable staff. :)

Submitted June 24, 2011

Generally clean. I saw 3 roaches but not as bad as some reviews claim. If you are the type of demanding person that needs ever nook and cranny 100% new and clean, you will not like this place (and you should lower your standards--I've lived in >9 apartments in my life and none of them live up to those expectations... especially if you want a cheap (for the area) place.

The roaches are gross (first apartment I've been in with roaches) but it appears this manager is very good. She is in her office almost all of the time and she's very nice. She leaves the door open so you can come in. If you have a problem she deals with it immediately.

Also, because I assume she's had problems with people stealing packages, you need to get the packages from her directly (it has happened to me at another UCLA region apartment... f-ing students).

They have people who clean everything weekly (this is the first apartment I've been in where the cleaners were visible... i.e. you know they're there and they are cleaning--other places I don't see people because I suspect they clean less frequently). They clean the laundry room, the elevator (man... undergrads really need to stop pissing in elevators... seriously, grow up), the pool, the outside area, etc.

Overall, though the building is dreadfully old and prone to disrepair (things seem to break often), the manager is thankfully there to fix it. All the other apartments I've been in I've had to call the manager like 4 times and have to wait like a month for them to do anything.

Oh one more thing... there is something strange going on with their wiring. The fuses blow/trigger very frequently (I'd say at least once a month--in the other places I've lived it's more like once every three months at most). On one outlet I could not put the microwave and a toaster. Even the microwave by itself sometimes triggers it... and it's the crappiest low wattage microwave you can buy (like 800 watts or something). Also, normal bulbs tend to blow out quickly here too... but that might be because they gave us cheap bulbs.

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