619-627 Levering Ave.

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Quietness 4.0
Poorly Kept
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Well Kept
Landlord 5.0
Not Spacious
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Submitted Jan. 27, 2016

This is the best place to live in the north village.

The space is huge. We had five women living in a 2bdrm/2bath and never felt cramped. The place had a living room, dining room and kitchen that were all very spacious.

But the best part of living here was the landlord. Sergio is the most dedicated, considerate landlord you could get in the north village. He fixed anything that broke immediately. During the two years I lived there, he installed cameras and lights for security, painted the complex, added a bike rack and benches to the public space, replaced the coin-operated laundry machines with newer models and gifted my unit porch furniture. He always sends a friendly text reminder when rent is due so you'll never incur a late fee for forgetfulness.

The only big problem was a termite infestation. Sergio called the exterminator as soon as we noticed the bugs. It's nothing on the cleanliness or maintenance of the property - it's just a really old building made mostly of wood.

All in all, I loved living here. 5/5 of my roommates would recommend it.

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