690 Veteran Ave.

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Landlord 4.8
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Submitted Sept. 25, 2020

Veteran 690 is a great choice for UCLA students! It's within walking distance to campus and it's also close to Weyburn bruin bus stop. I also really like the large window, wooden floor, and a large lawn outside (which is rare in LA). My unit is much more spacious and quiet compared to the one I lived at Weyburn graduate housing. I believe it's the best choice near UCLA. The management and maintenance are awesome, and the manager Jolina is amazing! Jolina is super nice and responsive, we can feel that she cares about the residents and I highly recommend Veteran 690!

Submitted Aug. 16, 2020

690 Veteran is by far the best apartment complex I lived on during my UCLA years. The complex is well maintained and quiet. The manager, Jolina, is the best and by far the most competent manager. Problems are dealt on the spot and she will respond to all your questions in a timely manner. I would highly recommend 690 Veteran!

Submitted Aug. 16, 2020

This apartment is great. The manager is very responsive and addresses tenants concerns in a swift manner. She is very attentive to your needs regarding your apartment and the maintenance of the entire building. She is the best apartment manager I have ever had. Period. The apartment is also very quite. Mostly UCLA undergrad and grad students live here. It's a good place to study. The apartment has wooden floors and is fully furnished minus beds, couch, desk, table, chairs, etc. There is an electric stove instead of gas. The apartment pays for water and basic cable. You just pay for internet, electricity, and trash. It's about a 10 min walk to the dorms. Overall, I would highly recommend this place. I have no regrets.

Submitted July 27, 2020

I loved living on this property. The manager, Jolina, was super nice and highly responsive. She also lives on site and makes it easier to talk to if there are any issues. I'm so glad to have found this place while attending UCLA. Jolina is super understanding and helpful, which is not something you usually hear about landlords/property management.

Submitted July 25, 2020

Jolina is a very, very good building manager. She is very helpful and communicative; I would email her about things wrong with the apartment and she would always respond in a timely manner.

You can also see some workers in the halls sometimes (repainting handrails, sweeping floors, etc.) and they are super kind.

I had a one bedroom apartment. It is extremely nice. The main room is spacious and the bedroom can fit a full-sized bed (maybe two twin-sized beds). The kitchen has electric stoves.

My only complains about the apartment are:
- You can often hear people talk in the halls as they're walking by and you can frequently hear doors slam. It can get startling sometimes.
- The walk to the Weyburn bus stop is *slightly* longer than ideal, but doable. Going grocery shopping on the weekends when busses aren't running is a trek though.

Overall, this is a fantastic apartment and I would highly recommend anyone off the hill to live here.

Submitted June 25, 2020

Jolina is excellent as a manager and helpful with requests for information, scheduling, repairs, mail, parking, and any other apartment needs or concerns. She lives on-site, so she's flexible with scheduling meetings, even on weekends, for move-in, move-out, and other needs.

The apartment complex has a no-party policy, so it is usually quiet, though there is recent construction on Kelton. For example, there aren't usually people just hanging out in the hallways, talking, so that kind of quiet. People also don't really yell in adjacent apartment units either. It also depends on if you are facing a street, or near an entrance, where it can be more noisy from closing doors. The stove and oven are all electric, and the floors are wood with a gloss finish. There are different parts of the apartment complex; some units are near entrances, some are near the trash chute, some are enclosed within hallways, and some have open-air hallways. There were occasional silverfish (once every month or two), but no real insect problems. The laundry room uses quarters and there are, at least from memory, somewhere around 4 dryers, and 4 washers, with some different sizes. They range from $1.75 to $2.25 per use.

The security deposit was one month rent ($2300) plus $800 for a 1-bedroom on the second floor. There is 1 parking spot with the 1-bedroom that has a $50 dollar security deposit. At the end, there's a move out inspection, and Jolina can try to get a discount for any repairs or maintenance that needs to be done by the apartment workers. She can also do a pre-inspection to tell you things that are possible for you to try to replace yourself as well. For my move-out, the unit needed floor buffing and some repainting of parts of the wall that got a little darkened from contact.

Overall it was a good experience, and a good value apartment for this distance to campus. In terms of upkeep, when I got the apartment, all the walls and doors were newly painted. The floors were brightly polished, though there had been some dust that had fallen onto it since it was polished. The fridge was clean. The shower was mostly clean, as in the doors, though there was some grime on the bottom railing, though most people don't notice it. This was fine, because I was able to do that cleaning myself. There are small details that aren't as finished as possible, like the floor molding not being flush with the wall, but that's fine. The bathroom had both a venting and a heating fan, so that was nice.

Submitted July 6, 2018

I lived here my senior year and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was very quiet, close to the Weyburn BruinBus stop, and all the tenants were very respectful. Jolina was always kind and helpful, an excellent building manager. We had a few small issues in our bathroom and she helped us solve the problems swiftly. I shared a small loft room but the common spaces were very large in my apartment and I loved the wooden floors!

Submitted June 3, 2018

Jolina's the best landlord you could ask for. Professional, kind, and timely in her responses. Our neighbors and the tenants overall were pretty quiet, but we'd here the fire truck sirens every time they left the station a couple blocks away. Nothing we couldn't deal with though. Sort of a far walk from campus but I usually took the bus anyways. Hardwood floors with a balcony was pretty sweet.

Submitted March 1, 2017

Great apartment for a good price! Lived here during the 2015/2016 school year.
I lived in a studio with one other person and there was definitely enough space for the both of us. I loved the cleanliness of the place and how quiet it was compared to other apartments near campus. The manager, Jolina, was also very helpful, friendly, and quick to fix any problem we might of had. I definitely recommend this place, but contact Jolina as early as you can because the apartment fills up rather quickly.

Submitted Feb. 15, 2017

TLDR Version: Great apartment, great price, GREAT MANAGER. Plus, wood floorings! YAY!
I lived here during my third and fourth year at UCLA, and I honestly cannot think of any other place I'd rather call home. Although it may have seem a little far from campus, it was actually fairly central-- equidistant from the hill, Westwood, Ackerman, and south of Wilshire, depending on which direction you took (~15-20min walking). Plus, the Weyburn Stop is only a 5 minute walk away, and Kelton/Strathmore is a stop for CSO Vans. However, what truly made my my time at 690 Veteran worthwhile is the managers and the welcoming environment they fostered. Mimie (now retired, I suppose) and Jolina (her daughter) are amazing and were super responsive/communicative during my time here! They truly care about their tenants, which was evident when our refrigerator broke and Jolina had it replaced the next day! Water, basic cable, and parking are also all included! And the best part? We essentially got ~90% of our deposit back, a rare sighting in Westwood! My only caveat to college students: parties are not allowed, but you are allowed to have guests over for small gatherings. We had a few dinner nights with friends during our time here; just be considerate of the neighbors (some of them have been living here for 10+ years)! So if you're looking for a cozy place to call home while you're in Westwood, I would highly recommending checking it out. Happy apartment hunting!

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