Introduction to Black Studies

Description: Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Introduction of methods, theories, conceptual frameworks, and key debates in black studies. Interrogation of how race structures notions of identity and meaning of blackness in relation to class, gender, and sexuality; essential role of African people in development of capitalism, liberalism, and democracy; what various disciplinary lenses and epistemologies (history, literature, sociology, geography, cultural studies, political theory, philosophy, etc.) reveal about experiences of black people in modern world. Key thinkers and ideas from across humanities and social sciences are highlighted. P/NP or letter grading.

Units: 5.0
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Overall Rating 4.8
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Summer 2022 - DO NOT TAKE THIS CLASS IF YOUR TA IS NATALINA MONTEIRO!!! I read all of the reviews and thought this class would be an easy A in the summer with relatively interesting content but I was utterly fucked over by my TA. In the async format, the grading is split into 30% discussion board posts, 35% midterm, 35% final. The midterm is a take-home exam composed of short responses and two essays based on content from Weeks 1-3. It's a lot of writing and kinda time-consuming but mostly follows the content from the lectures. The final (I didn't take it because I dropped) is a similar format of being a take-home exam with essay questions on Weeks 4-6. Every week, you have to watch lectures, films, and do readings and write two discussion board posts and two replies. There are three "lessons" each week, each with its own set of readings and/or films as well as 1-2 30-60 min lecture videos. The discussion board questions align very closely to the lecture topics and aren't too difficult. This class would have been easy and stress-free but my TA graded unnecessarily harshly, giving out 2/3s and 2.5/3s on the discussion posts because she didn't think you "proved you read the material" even if you had. The only directions for the posts were that they had to be more than 5 sentences but her expectations were upwards of 400-500 words per post with time stamps and citations, even when the directions did not specify that. The 2s and 2.5s added up and made it basically impossible for me to get an A in the course before my midterm was even graded, which is why I dropped. She didn't grade anything until the end of Week 5 out of 6 so I couldn't even drop for a refund. She also never responded to my email asking about why she took off random points for my discussion posts. The class content is actually really interesting so it's a shame I had to drop because of a shitty TA :/ I'm sure the class is an easy A and well worth your time if you get another TA though
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