Trends in Black Intellectual Thought

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As the other reviewer said, the lectures are sometimes quite repetitive, and the slides usually don't contain much information relevant to what we're tested on. She'd also go off topic easily about current events or her daily life.

The grading scheme was:
20% attendance at discussion (every absence after the first is -1%, and they were all at 8 or 9am so yikes)
20% two 2-page double-space papers (due Weeks 2 and 4)
30% take home midterm (due Week 6)
30% take home final (due finals week)

For the entire course we were required to "read" six books: Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl, The Light of Truth by Ida B. Wells, The New Jim Crow, and two books by Angela Davis.

I got by without reading more than a chapter of each, as the first two books are on Sparknotes/Cliffsnotes and the rest you can find as pdfs or just buy hard copies. The lectures were sometimes useful before Week 6: she would drop quotes with specific page numbers from the first three books with the page numbers, and you could just use them on the 2-page papers and the midterm, which was a few short response and one three-page essay. After that, though, the lectures became propagandist and mostly irrelevant to the final, which was two 4-page essays connecting the last four books (she reuses Ida B. Wells from the midterm), as well as an additional 3-page essay you could write for 5% extra credit, all of which were due on Wednesday of finals week. I did fine just pulling a couple random relevant quotes from each book and tying them all together. (One tip for my TA: insert a sentence or two of fluff after every quote, even if it's background info, because she said that shows her that you actually did the reading.)

Winter Quarter 2019
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