Chemical Dynamics and Reactivity: Introduction to Organic Chemistry

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Christopher Anderson See Full Profile

Overall 3.6 Easiness 1.0 Workload 1.6 Clarity 3.2 Helpfulness 4.6

Most Helpful Review

Anderson is a very enthusiastic professor but the only reason I did good in the class was thanks to my TA. He confuses me when he lectures. All I did was read, do past exams from other teachers, and got a lot of help fom the TA. His exams are straight forward but they have a big standard deviation so watch out.

June 20, 2006
Stuart Cantrill See Full Profile

Overall 4.2 Easiness 1.0 Workload 1.0 Clarity 5.0 Helpfulness 4.5

Most Helpful Review

Cantrill is a great professor. I would highly recommend him for 30A. After taking this class, I actually felt like I learned something. Going to lectures is a must because he does give hints to what's on the exams. AND definitely go to office hours... just be there for every office hour he has 'cause has extra office hours around finals for people who attend his office hours... and he gives out hints at his office hours. The exams were not extremely difficult but challenging. For my class, we had 3 quizzes, 2 midterms and a final. And yes, he does use the element "D" a lot but it's just to see if you have a firm grasp of the subject. I ended up getting an A- in the course and I did average on everything except I improved a lot on the final.

Jan. 6, 2005
Jonah Chang See Full Profile

Overall 4.7 Easiness 2.5 Workload 2.5 Clarity 4.8 Helpfulness 4.8

Most Helpful Review

Dr. Chang is a good lecturer and pretty approachable. The final grade is based on two midterms and a final. HW is optional. The final was very hard but the midterms weren't bad.

June 20, 2013
M Chatterjee Full Profile > 2.8 Overall 1.5 Easiness 2.0 Workload 2.5 Clarity 3.2 Helpfulness
No reviews have been written yet.
M Chatterjee See Full Profile

Overall 2.8 Easiness 1.5 Workload 2.0 Clarity 2.5 Helpfulness 3.2

Most Helpful Review
No reviews have been written yet.
Shuming Chen See Full Profile

Overall 4.8 Easiness 2.2 Workload 2.8 Clarity 4.7 Helpfulness 4.9

Most Helpful Review

Shuming is amazing! Organic Chemistry is not easy but she tries her best to make sure every student is successful and well prepared. She gives out A TON of practice problem sets (outside of the homework problem sets), she gives a bunch of practice exams that don’t mirror the exams but they do help you learn the skills that you will need for the actual exam, and she hosts WEEKLY reviews to go over materials that are taught the previous week. Her exams are extremely difficult, but she tells you so and prepares you very well for them. The average for the first exam was a B- and the second was a B, which in her class a B- is 70-75% and a B is 75-80%. I got a 109/120 on the first midterm and 111/120 on the second and i got an email from her writing to congratulate me on my scores. The final is a monster! I got a 131/215, which was above average somehow. She does give out 2% extra credit for your overall grade in the class though, so make sure to do Bacon and evaluations. In her straight scale, and A is 90-95% but I ended up with an 83.something% (extra credit already included) and she curved the class enough for me to get an A. Overall 10/10 would take again.

Spring Quarter 2019
Robin Garrell See Full Profile

Overall 3.6 Easiness 1.4 Workload 1.6 Clarity 3.6 Helpfulness 4.4

Most Helpful Review

Professor Garrell is a very energetic teacher who loves to teach and is caring for her students.
Her tests are fair, especially because you KNOW how the test will be like because she gives Learning Objectives which basically outline the skills/facts/knowledge you need. The first midterm focused on naming and using the R/S naming system and a few other things. The second midterm is ridiculously hard because you have to memorize 25 reactions - their reactants, reagents, and the products. The final was really hard because you have to memorize 30 reactions and also be familiar with which and where electrons go (arrow pushing electrons).
Discussions are very useful in learning the naming and reaction stuff, especially because I got a really good TA, Cait, who baked us cookies and taught REALLY REALLY well.
Overall, lectures are fun to be in, but a lot of work is put into this class because memorizing 30 reactions and which and where electrons go takes a lot of time.

June 19, 2011
Steven Hardinger See Full Profile

Overall 3.6 Easiness 1.4 Workload 1.6 Clarity 3.2 Helpfulness 3.2

Most Helpful Review

Professor Hardinger is a funny man who made lectures bearable. He definately knows his chemistry and tries to challenge you in several ways. There were three midterms and a final, although the third midterm and final were on the same day!! He exams are challenging but if you do the CFQ and PP along with his the should be ok. This is a difficult class, so dedicate much time to it.

June 12, 2003
Patrick Harran See Full Profile

Overall 4.6 Easiness 2.8 Workload 2.8 Clarity 4.9 Helpfulness 4.4

Most Helpful Review

I took this class during the intensive summer session. I love Prof. Harran! He's super passionate about his field and often spices up the course content with applications and stories from his research or the real world. He's very knowledgeable as well, and he always breaks things down very clearly. His quizzes/tests are not super difficult, as they're based on the content of the lecturers. However, you have to practise a lot, as they do extend the skills and knowledge needed considerably.

Summer Quarter 2020
Arif Karim Full Profile > 4.0 Overall 1.3 Easiness 1.6 Workload 3.3 Clarity 4.4 Helpfulness
Extremely difficult exams!! (Feb. 22, 2009)
Arif Karim See Full Profile

Overall 4.0 Easiness 1.3 Workload 1.6 Clarity 3.3 Helpfulness 4.4

Most Helpful Review

Extremely difficult exams!!

Feb. 22, 2009
Mark Mascal See Full Profile

Overall 2.8 Easiness 1.0 Workload 1.0 Clarity 3.0 Helpfulness 2.5

Most Helpful Review

Mascal is a good teacher overall, but very difficult. He goes over everything you need to know in lecture, but that's the problem: you need to know EVERYTHING. It is very difficult to predict what types of questions he will give on exams, so you basically have to have a thorough understanding of all the material. If you are willing to really work, and want to learn OChem well, take Mascal. He is very passionate about the subject, but also very condescending towards his students.

Feb. 27, 2002
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