Mind over Matter: History, Science, and Philosophy of Brain -- Special Topics

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Scott Chandler See Full Profile

Overall 4.0 Easiness 2.0 Workload 2.0 Clarity 4.0 Helpfulness 4.0

Most Helpful Review

This class was the most engaging and interesting, however Fall has a heavy workload of weekly readings. Lectures switched professors often, and material was always something new and intriguing but this is no easy A. Definitely worth it, as we covered neurophysiology fairly in depth which has complex concepts. However, there was a variety of material being taught, and there was never a sense of boredom.

If this class seems interesting to you, I would definitely recommend it, but do not think that this class is a walk in the park. Studying for the midterm and the final is essential, as they are challenging, and it is important to read the article reading assignments for questions on weekly quizzes and the midterm and final. Very doable, don't be frightened, but definitely put the work in.

Fall Quarter 2017
Marcia Meldrum See Full Profile

Overall 3.8 Easiness 3.6 Workload 2.8 Clarity 4.8 Helpfulness 4.4

Most Helpful Review

Though the weekly readings were extensive, you could easily get away with only reading a few and participating on only what you know (intellectually). Often its easy to make up insight about what she's talking about based on common knowledge as well! Compared to other seminars, this one had minimal workload. Other seminars had two papers, group presentations, debates, and more. Meldrum only assigned one paper (which she reviews and tells you what she wants etc. from an optional rough draft). There is one 15 minute presentation on the same topic as your paper, so as long as you have your paper done by the last seminar, you should be knowledged enough to not really have to prepare. Overall and easy, insightful, and interesting class! Would recommend. Also the required book is only like $12.

Spring Quarter 2018
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