ECON 110

Economic Problems of Underdeveloped Countries


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Overall Rating 1.6
Easiness 1.6/ 5
Clarity 1.4/ 5
Workload 1.6/ 5
Helpfulness 1.8/ 5
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Foolish I was to disregard these people's comments and still took his class. His lectures seem harmless enough, rambling on and on about his opinions which drone half the class to sleep. But the worst part about this professor isn't his mundane language and cynical jokes, but rather his grading. He has a grader who grades the homework. Then before he hands them back, he calls out the names on the paper to see who is going to claim it. Some people are lucky and just receive their mercy low score while others whom he dislikes gets the following reply, "Oh wait, I have to keep yours and make more 'adjustments'". And then we you get it back you find your new score a few points lower than what the grader had. Whatever happened to consistency and respecting the grader's decisions? To take it a step further, even his integrity may be questioned for wanting to change these scores after he sees who's collecting them rather than the moment he gets them from the grader. This happens on homeworks, midterms and will probably see its day on the final. Kasliwal: You have some issues, because you can't demand and expect respect from us just because you are a professor, that's earned and you've done a much poorer job trying to earn it than the students who flunk your class. Econ Department: If Kasliwal is an embodiment of what you think an Economics professor should be there is serious reconsidering to be done. This professor has left numerous students bitter about his class and I'm sure it is to have an effect on their interest of the subject. Judging from his intellect, I can't see how he can be a good researcher and obvious from these reviews he is a failure as a professor. Why do you keep him? Students: Save yourselves the torment of thinking hardwork translates into success, for not even intellectuals can do well in his class. His grading is all subjective and depends on whether or not you like him. If you must take it, and I don't see how you wouldn't a choice to, but if you do, kiss his ass and take lots of caffeine before you walk in the room. That is the only way. Sorry, but I feel it had to come to this. Of the 4years I've been here, Kasliwal is the only professor who's managed to leave such a sour and bitter feeling in my mind.
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