ECON 181

Development of Economic Institutions in Western Europe

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Michela Giorcelli See Full Profile

Overall 5.0 Easiness 4.7 Workload 4.0 Clarity 4.7 Helpfulness 5.0

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This class was one of the best classes I've ever taken at UCLA (which is crazy because it's an ECON class). Low stress, but high learning. You learn about some important historic trends, so there isn't much math involved, but just some interesting concepts you need to know. There are some assigned reading online, but the professor goes over it in class.

There are 4 pretty simple problem sets that you can find all the answers on the slides she goes over in class and posts online. The problem sets help you with the exams. There are 2 midterms and a final, but everything is multiple choice. The professor actually pulled the exact same homework questions for the final, so it really isn't something to worry about if you understand what's going on in the class.

Problem sets are 20%, and there are different rules to how your exams and the rest of your 80% can be graded, depending on your situation.
(1) For students whose final exam score is below the scores on each of the two midterms,
each midterm will count 30% and the final will count 20%.
(2) For all other students, the final exam will count 50% and the higher of the two midterms will count 30% (i.e., the lower midterm score is dropped). For any student missing one of the midterms for any reason, the latter calculation will be used with the one midterm taken counting 30%.
(3) For any students missing both midterms for any reasons, the final will count 80%.

She does give extra credit as well. If you do Econ in Action, which is a presentation group project, you get an extra 10% added to your grade. The presentation was intimidating, but it's mostly UCLA alumni that judge, and when my group went, they were really nice. The hardest part was actually just choosing a topic. You also get an additional 1% if you participate in class by answering a question or asking one. I'd say you don't necessarily have to do any of the extra credit to get an A, but it's not too hard and you get a peace of mind.

Anyway, to sum it up, TAKE THIS CLASS. :)

Fall Quarter 2018
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