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That shit was wild. Honestly hardest class I’ve taken at UCLA and the most time I’ve ever spent on a class. But like ... also such a good feeling and worked really hard and did really well. This class almost seems impossible at times, but I’m unsure of how I felt about it. Don’t take this class if you have anything else that is a big part. I was regularly in the lab until 1 am for several days before the practicals. HOWEVER this was a really cool class and you go fishing 2ce and everyone in the class is tight af bc you’re all struggling together. If you work hard and memorize everything , you can do it for real. The grade distributions will be weird for this quarter bc we dropped to 10 people by the final (from like 26) and the group that was left went hard af and got mostly As. The past years are more accurate distributions.
Bruno the TA is awesome. It was a wild class overall. Not bad but wild. Lots of memorization. Also u need to read the textbook for the lecture tests but he tells you exactly what pages to read, and essentially what questions he’s gona ask.

Fall Quarter 2019
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