Early Medieval Literature

Description: Lecture, four hours; discussion, one hour (when scheduled). Requisites: courses 10A, 10B. Major poetry and prose of early medieval Britain, including epic, romance, history, saints' lives, and travel literature. Texts and topics include Beowulf, Vikings, poems on women, Bede, and King Alfred. P/NP or letter grading.

Units: 5.0
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Overall Rating 4.4
Easiness 1.9/ 5
Clarity 4.4/ 5
Workload 1.6/ 5
Helpfulness 4.3/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Professor Allen is my absolute favorite professor at UCLA. After taking Chaucer's Canterbury Tales with him this summer, I cancelled my enrollment in Shakespeare in Fall so I could wait to take his class in Winter. He is immensely funny, a gifted lecturer, and if you actually pay attention, his tests and papers shouldn't be difficult for you. But, that said, this is not an easy class. He will immerse you in it, and make seemingly dull topics incredibly interesting, but you HAVE to read, or you WILL NOT do well. Middle English is hard to understand, so you really have to make sense of the characters and their plot lines, and pay attention to the footnotes! He has a lot to say, and its true, its hard to tell what you're going to be tested on, so take notes on everything! If you can't write fast enough to do that, then I suggest recording his lectures, because he is so passionate about these topics that he will give you as much information as he possibly can in a class period. He is very loud, and if you don't like participating in class, then you shouldn't sit in the aisles, but know that if you do participate, he will give you a much better grade. Also, don't be afraid of having to recite the introduction - it seems scary, but he closes his eyes the entire time so its not like a performance, and he will help you along. The amount of work for any English class can be excessive, but if you take any class with Allen, you will laugh your way through ten weeks of what would otherwise be deemed hell.
Overall Rating 4.5
Easiness 1.5/ 5
Clarity 3.8/ 5
Workload 1.3/ 5
Helpfulness 4.7/ 5
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