Introduction to Graphic Fiction

Description: Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour (when scheduled). Requisite: satisfaction of Entry-Level Writing requirement. Introduction to popularity and important cultural work of comic books and graphic novels. Emphasis on how text and image combine to create meaning, including problem of appropriateness of comics for serious cultural topics. P/NP or letter grading.

Units: 5.0
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Overall Rating 5.0
Easiness 4.8/ 5
Clarity 5.0/ 5
Workload 4.5/ 5
Helpfulness 4.5/ 5
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Fall 2023 - I LOVED Introduction to Graphic Fiction. This class is a GE that I highly, highly recommend to any students who want to take an engaging GE and actually enjoy it. It is a class about comics/anime/manga. Even though it seems really simple, this was my favorite class because it was funny but also really thought-provoking simultaneously. Our lectures would sometimes consist of funny activities (we started off class with a Virtual Kissing Simulator once) and sporadically, there would be guest speakers who came to talk about their own comics and the writing processes. We also would watch videos about different famous comics in class. Attendance was taken for each lecture, but it was in a fun way: doodles were mandatory in order to get attendance points (and if the professor likes the doodle, then he could put it on the board next class!). I will say that the workload was not a complete breeze, as there are long comics assigned for homework (but reading comics for homework is really not bad at all). You also need to write a short reflection (can be literally 4 sentences) about your thoughts on the comics you read for the two weekly prompts, called "reaction comics." Professor Snelson is an awesome, fun, engaging and really intelligent lecturer. The final project is completely and entirely open-ended (the only guideline is that it is a creative piece of work and that effort is put in), but what you decide to create is completely up to you and encourages creativity. I got really creative with this class and got an A for it, so if you want to have fun while learning and not have to worry about doing too much work, take this GE!
Overall Rating N/A
Easiness N/A/ 5
Clarity N/A/ 5
Workload N/A/ 5
Helpfulness N/A/ 5
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