ENGR 112

Laboratory to Market, Entrepreneurship for Engineers

Description: Lecture, four hours; discussion, one hour; outside study, seven hours. Critical components of entrepreneurship, finance, marketing, human resources, and accounting disciplines as they impact management of technology commercialization. Topics include intellectual property management, team building, market forecasting, and entrepreneurial finance. Students work in small teams studying technology management plans to bring new technologies to market. Students select from set of available technology concepts, many generated at UCLA, that are in need of plans for movement from laboratory to market. Letter grading.

Units: 4.0
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Most Helpful Review
My experience in this class was extremely negative. The structure of the course is haphazard and studying for the class was extremely frustrating. A typical class goes as such. An hour of the class is spent discussing current events. This is the interesting part of the class, but very unapplicable because everything is anecdotal. The second half of his lecture is EXTREMELY boring. He doesn't prepare for his slides and simply wings each concept as it appears in his presentation. I doubt he understands the intricacies of the textbook material. Contrary to what a previous review says, he has a HUGE ego. He has an "always-right" attitude, and will answer questions without putting much thought towards them. He will spend half of every lecture giving pompous talks on the same principles over and over. He demands the participation of students, which is worth 20% of your grade. As for studying for the exam, don't even bother. Bristow will tell you 90% of the answers to the midterm and final beforehand. The rest are details hidden in obscure corners of the textbook. This means that everyone in the class gets a 90% on the midterm and final, leaving the grade up to participation and presentation. Presentations were not hard, but participating in class got to be a pain. You had to chime in once every class to do well. In a class of ~100, this got to be very hard. In all, I got the impression that he was one of those professors that are interesting to listen to, but ineffective in teaching the material. I can't remember anything useful from taking both engineering 111 and 112.
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