Gender, Science, and Theory

Description: Lecture, three hours. Requisite: course 10. Examination of differing theoretical perspectives on relation between ideologies of gender and conceptualization and practice of science and medicine. Study of relations among gender, race, class, and sexual orientation and production and legitimation of scientific knowledge. Applications of theoretical critiques to research design, practice, and interpretation. Letter grading.

Units: 4.0
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Overall Rating 4.7
Easiness 1.7/ 5
Clarity 4.4/ 5
Workload 1.4/ 5
Helpfulness 4.6/ 5
Overall Rating N/A
Easiness N/A/ 5
Clarity N/A/ 5
Workload N/A/ 5
Helpfulness N/A/ 5
Overall Rating 2.7
Easiness 2.6/ 5
Clarity 1.9/ 5
Workload 2.7/ 5
Helpfulness 4.3/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Fall 2019 - This class and probably any class with Traweek is just not worth the hassle. She is insanely unclear in her expectations, or at least just doesn't prepare students for what she assigns. She practically just rambles about random things and very occasionally says something that relates to the class. That being said, the midterm is 5 single spaced pages (so 10 pages pretty much), each page is stand alone in which you have to answer 5 questions for each week's reading. Like I said, she barely goes over the readings if literally at all and honestly the questions just seem kinda arbitrary and aren't even applicable to some of the readings so you have to just bs. For the final we had to make 5 single spaced research proposals for things like earthquake preparedness and radiation exposure through feminist methods. Which forces you to just bs random things because you probably didn't learn much from her on how to do that. I can tell she is very smart I just don't think she is very good at translating what she knows to students in meaningful ways, and the assignments don't seem well thought out for students to learn anything. The weeks in between are pretty easy as in there aren't any other quizzes or anything, you just have to attend lecture. But even so, this class has been the most annoying midterm and final I've ever taken because they just don't make sense and she does nothing to prepare you. Also, she is very passive aggressive if you ever email her needing help. The handful of people in the class I've talked to also agree. Avoid this class if you can.
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