Social and Economic History of West Africa since 1600


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I am taking 166A from Professor Lydon, and she is hands down the rudest professor I have ever come in contact with at UCLA in the 4 years that I've been at this university. Boring lecturers are in no short supply at UCLA, so I wasn't particularly surprised by the poor quality of the lectures. What really got me was her office hours. I swear the woman only wants you to come in to talk to her so that she can make you feel inferior and talk about her accomplishments. And that would be alright, I guess, if she knew what she was talking about! I went to her office hours on four separate occasions just to talk about the paper- which, I'll reiterate, had a prompt that required WAY more than 12 pages to answer and was due the day after Thanksgiving break. Real considerate. Anyways, the first time I went in she informed me that one of the books we had to read, Sundiata, had only 1 tidbit of information on my chosen topic for the paper, and that I would be fine if I only included that information. However, when I came to her with a rough draft, hours before I was supposed to get on a plane to go home for Thanksgiving, she informed me that one of my peers had found a million things about my subject in Sundiata, and that I should re-read the entire thing. She even had the audacity to accuse me of not doing the reading, just because I told her that I used the books on reserve! 3 separate times she said "well it's a shame you didn't read Sundiata," and 3 times I reminded her that, in fact, I DID read the entire book when she had assigned it 4 weeks prior. She actually looked at me and said "Sundiata is like 10 dollars. YOU don't even have 10 dollars?" No, professor, I don't. Some of us have a hard enough time trying to deal with the 30% UC fee increases and don't have a spare 10 bucks to waste on a book we'll never touch again. I ended up canceling my flight so that I could use Sundiata on reserve. Rudest professor I've ever had the misfortune of meeting. You've been warned.
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