Capstone Seminar: History--Near East: Economic Life in Ottoman Empire

Description: Introduction to economic life of Ottoman Empire--sprawling, multilingual empire that encompassed Europe, Asia, and Africa and lasted for almost six centuries. Students confront set of broad, theoretical questions (e.g., what is commodity) with specific, empirical studies by Ottoman scholars (e.g., in 18th century, artichokes became more popular in Ottoman diet; Ottoman subjects began to use certain kinds of ceramic cups). Through rigorous discussion and close reading of assigned texts, students attempt to understand Ottoman economic life (circa 1600-1800 CE) within prevailing frameworks that have largely been constructed using European case studies and experiences. Students historicize aspects of contemporary economic phenomena in light of Ottoman historical record, and raise fundamental questions about nature of economic life that is familiar today.

Units: 4.0
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Overall Rating 1.7
Easiness 1.7/ 5
Clarity 1.7/ 5
Workload 1.5/ 5
Helpfulness 1.7/ 5
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Winter 2023 - HIST 105B DO NOT TAKE! just drop this course if you care about your gpa. these reviews lied because they were from covid and she is actually a horrible, harsh-grading professor. average grade assignments were 9 out of 15 which is 60%, meaning most students got a D- on every assignment. She curved this to a low B, but did not become less harsh OR leave feedback for us to get better/meet her unrealistic expectations. She did not grade anything until two weeks before the quarter ended, once the pass/no pass deadline passed, and the drop deadline also passed, trapping us in this hell hole of a class. her lectures were non-existent because she spent all of class reviewing spelling errors and grammatical mistakes in our writing, spending upwards of a third of our class talking about the correct use of a hyphen. Her grading scale was 5 points for content, 5 for style, and 5 for grammar, meaning the class was LITERALLY STYLE OVER SUBSTANCE. there is no reason that a history class focuses double the amount on writing style than actual learned content. Even after purchasing a Grammarly PREMIUM subscription, using a tutor to reread for grammar mistakes, she still fully was nit-picky and found small errors and took off .5 for every mistake. That means if you made 3 grammar errors, you lost 30% of your grammar grade. This fostered a lot of insecurity for English as a second language learner and gave zero support to ESL students. She also made the promise that we shouldn't worry about our grades the day of the drop deadline, giving us no other information than her word. She changed the structure of grading within the course several times, made promises for an extra credit quiz she then canceled. she also changed her attendance policy midway through course after people could drop to be in-person mandatory attendance. and if you did not attend she refused to respond to your emails or set up office hours with you. this class impeded on my mental health. and I genuinely hope no one has to go through the disrespect she gave us again. not to mention the inaccurate information that was biased on Islam... she had to apologize to our class for it
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