History of Korea since 1876

Description: Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Knowledge of Korean not required. Examination of evolution of Korean culture and society within context of political and institutional industry. Consideration of both higher and popular culture. P/NP or letter grading.

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Fall 2021 - Started off really rough because I didn't even know the basic timeline of the last century of history, didn't know that there was colonialism, or anything about the Korean War. Because Professor Lee kind of jumped into describing all the details and lecture content without contextualizing the basic major events, I was kind of lost at first. But as it went along, it slowly got better. Professor Lee's lectures can be difficult to follow at times, but if you ask questions she'll always answer and help you out. Overall, I liked Professor Lee when I got to know her and ask her more questions. The midterm paper really wacked me out of nowhere, a lot of us had trouble with the way it was assigned for about 5 days over a weekend, for probably 12 pages double-spaced? In my opinion, considering other classes and life, pretty unfair. She made up(?) for this by giving us 11 or 12 days for the final paper, which came out to 15 or 16 pages double-spaced. In both cases you needed to have read the readings to support your paper. Overall, for a typical reading-heavy class it was a reasonable amount of reading but I was always very behind because I took too many classes. So stay on top of it to not be cramming like me. Other than that, there were weekly perusall assignments (I guess pretty good, since it kept me doing at least one reading a week), a couple movies to watch and a 1/2 page paper to prove you watched them (pretty good), and a creative project which was pretty fun (and really inspiring to see what my classmates did! yo classmates your projects were awesome!!!).
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