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Linguistics 125=120C (Semantics)
Professor Rett is very funny and inspiring. But semantics can be hard for pure-humanties majored students or non-native English speakers because it requires some very abstract ideas (quantitative training background might help a lot)

Readings are extremely important!! about 30 pages a week. one multiple-choice reading quiz on every class (drop 2).
As long as you do the readings, you will ace that 30%. But make sure you understand ALL the readings because they can be so dam hard.

40% Homework is the hardest part in this course. that's why if you don't understand the readings, you will not do well on the homework. so make sure to ask questions in class about the readings.

final is relatively easy compare to the homework.

semantics is very interesting. The class is harder than other linguistics classes because you're competing with other cs major students. But you'll learn A LOT! Overall, this is one of the best classes at UCLA ever.

Dec. 16, 2012
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