MATH 106

History of Mathematics

Description: Lecture, three hours; discussion, one hour. Requisites: courses 31A, 31B, 32A. Roots of modern mathematics in ancient Babylonia and Greece, including place value number systems and proof. Development of algebra through Middle Ages to Fermat and Abel, invention of analytic geometry and calculus. Selected topics. P/NP or letter grading.

Units: 4.0
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Overall Rating 4.0
Easiness 3.5/ 5
Clarity 4.5/ 5
Workload 3.0/ 5
Helpfulness 5.0/ 5
Most Helpful Review
Summer 2021 - Math 106 is definitely different. I expected an easy A since this seems like a history class, but I was wrong. I think the professor you get for this class greatly affects your experience, as professors have the choice of covering certain chapters and whatnot. Here's the breakdown of this class with Tyler: 1) Tyler is a great lecturer. I learned mostly all of the material from his lectures and lectures notes. The book isn't so great, as it skips a lot of steps or explains things with too many words than actual math. Tyler did a great job with filling in the gaps and presenting a pretty complete class with his lectures and lecture notes. 2) Tyler's homework was okay. The questions he wrote were alright, but most of the time, I found the book questions to be confusing. Like I said before, the book is too verbose and the questions are just confusingly written. However, if you go to office hours, Tyler is more than happy to explain everything. He is very much advises students to come to office hours, and he is willing to explain and re-explain things that are confusing. He's very approachable in OH and in lecture, so the homework is not that bad to do if you just get help from him. 3) Tyler's exams are mostly fair. I thought his midterm was very fair based on the HW and lectures and his final was mostly fair. He did have one question I wasn't particularly a fan of, but that's only one question out of six. If you do the homework and understand the lecture notes, you should honestly be fine for the exam. 4) The content covered in this class is where I have the most issues. I think Tyler got to choose certain topics, and I feel like he made this class harder than it needed to be. He didn't focus much on the history, but had sections on sets and logic that were very new to some people. The only prerequisites for this class is lower division calculus, and oftentimes, I found myself using proof techniques and ideas that I learned in Math 115A. I don't think other professors make this class as hard as Tyler made it. It's not undoable or anything like that, but it's not what I signed up for. Overall, I wouldn't mind having Tyler for another class. He is a good lecturer and is helpful and approachable. However, this class just wasn't my thing.
Overall Rating N/A
Easiness N/A/ 5
Clarity N/A/ 5
Workload N/A/ 5
Helpfulness N/A/ 5
Overall Rating 5.0
Easiness 4.0/ 5
Clarity 5.0/ 5
Workload 3.0/ 5
Helpfulness 5.0/ 5
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