Preparation for M.A. Comprehensive Examination or Ph.D. Qualifying Examinations

Description: Tutorial, to be arranged. May not be applied toward MA or PhD course requirements. S/U grading.

Units: 2.0
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Overall Rating 1.3
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LS3 with olague is hard to describe. He will say you dont need to know anything "except for the study guide." He almost swears by it. But I'll tell you what it means. For the first midterm, it means "know all general concepts from each lecture slide, know specific concepts that I randomly mention in class, know almost nothing from the textbook unless it helps to explain the lecture slides that are mostly unorganized and confusing, and really understand the answers to the study guide questions." As the quarter moved on, things felt more jumbled up and even more unorganized and confusing for me. He picks some pictures from the textbook and randomly talks about them in lecture, which is very confusing since he doesn't follow the book's sequence so it is not like a math class where you build on information, everything is just out of order. You have to take the energy to go through the textbook yourself to find them which can be hard because sometimes his syllabus doesnt state the accurate chapter because he doesnt really follow the textbook, he just picks what he wants out of it. Many times, i found some of his lecture info out of A DIFFERENT biology book online, meaning that the class textbook is mostly a waste of money anyway. by the second midterm, i was surprised by the questions and the answers to the study guide. i was lost and realized that i wasnt focusing on what he wanted me to focus on since the lecture slides are just pictures that he randomly talks about. he didnt talk about many of the things he asked on the test. he says to not "go into detail" but his final was far more detailed than expected, and it threw me off. this many sound like a very negative feedback but i am only telling you about my experience. it wasnt nearly as painful as other classes i have taken. just know that he curves really well and i got an A- to my surprise.
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