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Carol Bakhos See Full Profile

Overall 4.6 Easiness 2.6 Workload 2.8 Clarity 4.8 Helpfulness 4.6

Most Helpful Review

Such a great professor! I only had her for a Fiat Lux (Religion 19) but had a blast. She but so much time into getting to know us individually and was always very insightful. She is very well-versed in all of the Abrahamic religions, not just Judaism. Whereas most highly intelligent professors don't care much about interacting with the class, Professor Bakhos invited us to dinner and would stay for usually 1-2 hours talking about the class, current events, and life in general. I definitely recommend taking her for any class.

June 26, 2011
Peter Cowe See Full Profile

Overall 4.7 Easiness 1.5 Workload 1.8 Clarity 4.2 Helpfulness 4.5

Most Helpful Review

THE COURSE TAUGHT WAS ACTUALLY: ARMENIAN 152: Modern Drama as a Vehicle for Social Critique

He's a great human being who knows a ton about the Armenian people, culture, and literature. He will provide ample information (too much if one may say) and his lectures are therefore somewhat long and boring. The good thing about this class was that both the midterm and the final are a take home. The grade is based on midterm, essay, final and participation. It was a class of about 15 people. A lot of us are scared that we will get bad grades. He expects so much from us in term of doing background research for the paper. The biggest "let-down" or negative aspect is the fact that our first assignment (the midterm) was due like 6 days before Thanksgiving. We literally have no idea how we're doing in the class. It's nerve wrecking and that's why I wouldn't recommend him. He also made two trips to Armenia during the quarter so he cut about two/three weeks worth of lecture. At the time, we thought it's nice since it sounded like vacation but I would have rather had him present (we met 2X a week) than gone since I'm clueless as to what to write for the essay.
Overall, yes, he's smart and learned in the subject. I just wish I knew how I was doing BEFORE the 9th week of the Fall Quarter. Whether I, or the other 14 ppl., would like to drop the course, well, it's too late for that so we're all stuck with Cs and Bs... O yea, and the two girls who might get an A.

Nov. 22, 2009
Nancy Ezer See Full Profile

Overall 4.5 Easiness 2.2 Workload 2.8 Clarity 4.5 Helpfulness 4.2

Most Helpful Review

I took Hebrew 1A, 1B, 1C and 111A and 111B with Professor Ezer.
She is the most amazing professor I've ever had. She wants to help her students succeed and is always on the students side. She is always available and will always lend a helping hand if she can. Her classes are a lot of work, but sooo worth the effort!

Feb. 9, 2010
Michael Fishbein See Full Profile

Overall 4.2 Easiness 1.6 Workload 1.8 Clarity 3.4 Helpfulness 3.6

Most Helpful Review

It's common knowledge that Fishbein is a genius with language. Anybody who's passionate about the language will of course be gifted at it. I'm surprised that most of the evaluations here aren't bad mouthing the guy. That's a real shocker to me because most people that i've spoken with about Fishbein say the guy's a big prick. I've never had any class with the man but have spoken with him on several occasions during his office hours and he gets very irate over nothing. but that's just how some people are. that's life.

April 17, 2009
Latifeh Hagigi See Full Profile

Overall 3.5 Easiness 2.2 Workload 2.5 Clarity 4.0 Helpfulness 3.8

Most Helpful Review

I took Farsi20A and I'm currently in her 20B class and I'm going to finish the series in Spring with 20C. She is a great professor. Come to class!! Attendance + Participation are very important...probably 75% of your grade. HW is really easy...and exams are easy as well...I suggest you review your notes everyday for like 15'll keep everything fresh in your head...You're not going to get less than an A in this class if you do what she asks you too. good luck!

Feb. 17, 2009
Guliz Kuruoglu See Full Profile

Overall 3.7 Easiness 2.3 Workload 2.5 Clarity 3.5 Helpfulness 3.8

Most Helpful Review

If you need to take a language requirement for a major of minor or are just plain interested and need a GPA boost, I highly recommend taking the Turkish series with professor kuruoglu. Classes are very small and everyone pretty much gets As for going to class, and doing the little assignments. The midterms and finals are WAY easy and you pretty much get to pic when you want to take it. She is very concerned about student learning and will take the extra time to help any student who needs it. seriously, take this class.

April 12, 2009
William Schniedewind See Full Profile

Overall 3.5 Easiness 2.7 Workload 2.5 Clarity 3.5 Helpfulness 3.2

Most Helpful Review

I took Jewish Studies 170, the Dead Sea Scrolls, with him, and it was EASY. Although a lot of the class got a B on the midterm. But I got a perfect score. Basically write down what he says in class, otherwise you won't have anything to study for the tests, and it's not that hard. He's an ok teacher but his lectures seem a little disorganized. Still, his test questions come right from his lectures. Basically a copy-and-paste from your notes into the exam. Grading is based on attendance, one midterm, the final, and a 5-page paper.

Dec. 2, 2009
Jeremy Smoak See Full Profile

Overall 3.4 Easiness 2.4 Workload 2.4 Clarity 3.4 Helpfulness 4.0

Most Helpful Review

Course: Jerusalem 10W Spring 2011

I have not even finished the quarter with Professor Smoak but I have to say that he is one of the most pragmatic professors I have had. The class becomes extremely simple with his lecture style, he is very transparent of what he expects and does a great job at lecturing main points and not trivial info. I don't know why he has not gotten many more positive reviews but if you have a chance to take his GE Jerusalem 10W you should it is a very straightforward class in which you will actually learn something but not be super pressured.

June 4, 2011
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