Foundations in Physiological Science

Description: Lecture, four hours; discussion, two hours. Requisites: course 111A, Chemistry 14D or 30B. Students must receive grade of C or better to proceed to next course in series. Introduction to principles of systems physiology, including endocrinology, transport physiology, and cardiovascular and pulmonary physiology. Letter grading.

Units: 6.0
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Overall Rating 2.6
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Spring 2021 - Metzner is the WORST professor at UCLA and I am in shock that he is still teaching. So basically, Metzner is the 3rd professor in this class and teaches the Kidney and Respiratory system aka the largest module of the class (9 lectures). Well, at least he was supposed to. The two previous professors (Correa and Quijada, bless y'all) gave us weekly quizzes on lecture content to avoid a large midterm and show us exam format and also provided us with exam style questions during Zoom hour as they prerecorded their lectures. Metzner, however, decided he would lecture live via Zoom. He did not turn on the camera a single time and none of the students know what he looks like. Furthermore, he frequently stumbled over his words, read things off the slides incorrectly, and texted/answered calls over lecture. We basically didn't learn. Given the horrendous lectures, none of us understood the class content and the TAs noticed this during discussion. The TA's went out of their way to reteach and record their OWN lectures and sent them to us to use as a tool to study for the midterm for his module which was set to be 180 points (out of 540 in the class); this was the LARGEST midterm we would have as all the other professors used quizzes to offset the weight on the midterm (Module 1 MT: 60, Module 2: 40; Module 4: 60, but was supposed to be 40, I'll get into that). Metzner tells us he's going to send practice problems and doesn't, and ends up sending them the Saturday before our Tuesday night midterm. We're all stressed at this point, upset that we can't understand his lectures, and trying to get a good grade all at the same time. Now what happened next, was a miracle and a curse. The TAs sent out an email Sunday night at 7:30 PM letting us know that we would NOT be having a midterm due to COVID (ie the professor sucks) and they would give us more details later. The TAs let us know not to worry about the assignment and that it would be easy and fair. They sent us a take-home assignment worth 100 points and decided to give us 60 free points (ie missing 20 points which were added to module 4's midterm). They gave us a 5 line/7 bullet point limit per question. The assignment wasn't difficult, but was graded harshly given that we had a limit in lines. I'm still so grateful for what the TA's did for us in this module/the course of 107,111A, and 111B. They really had to do the professor's job and made the assignment themselves. All in all, Metzner was the worst 3 weeks I ever had at UCLA and I don't know how this man is still employed.
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