Physics for Scientists and Engineers: Oscillations, Waves, Electric and Magnetic Fields

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Shahriar Abachi See Full Profile

Overall 2.2 Easiness 1.6 Workload 1.6 Clarity 2.6 Helpfulness 2.6

Most Helpful Review

I enjoyed taking a class with Professor Abachi. He usually explained the ideas in lecture very well, and his clear derivations of formulas usually expanded on the conceptual ideas rather than making the class dry or boring. Outside of class, this professor made himself available all the time--he was always helpful during office hours, on the discussion board of the class website, and on the extra afternoon review sessions that he himself held before exams. He is very knowledgable about the material he teaches and will find different ways to explain this material to make it understandable. I would recommend reading the book and going to his office hours because sometimes he goes a little too fast in lecture, though he does pause often to answer questions during lecture. His exams are straight-forward, and he offers "pretend-exams" that are extremely good to study before midterms and the final.

Feb. 21, 2005
Jeremy Althouse See Full Profile

Overall 4.4 Easiness 3.7 Workload 3.3 Clarity 4.6 Helpfulness 4.9

Most Helpful Review

Prof Althouse was very concerned (he hosted his own separate review sessions before each of his two midterms as well as the sessions his TA's held) and kept on asking us after each new concept if we understood him (and took the time to answer). He also took 5 min. before each lecture to do a mini review of concepts/equations from the previous lecture, which I really appreciated. He's very clear most of the time about his lectures - they are very, very geared to making you understand what is going on. A little boring, but that was mostly due to the lecture material. He's very clear what will be on the tests, which were fair (and were very similar to problems he went over in class or were in the textbook). Grades: 4 units from 5, best grade given; (1) HW, (1) for each of 2 midterms, (2) final. I kept dozing off during lecture and slacked off majorly, but if you put in some effort and pay attention, an A will definitely be doable (haha not in my case). He also did a lot of cool demonstrations and really wanted us to like physics. Practice midterms/final were also provided. TAKE HIM!

June 18, 2011
Xin An See Full Profile

Overall 3.2 Easiness 2.5 Workload 2.9 Clarity 2.9 Helpfulness 4.3

Most Helpful Review

I took the class during the covid pandemic, so your experiences may vary from mine.

An is a very good professor and was able to explain the material fairly well. It was his first time teaching this class, but I think he did a great job. In the first few lectures I felt that his explanations were very math heavy, and if you haven't taken 32B it might be hard to understand the math behind the explanations. He will only get better in the future.

An was very lenient during the pandemic, an he was willing to make compromises for the well-being of the students which is good to know. He gave 24 hour midterms, but decided to go back to 3 hours for the final since the midterms got leaked on chegg, which I feel was an appropriate response, albeit a bit harsh to international students.

My advice for the class is to do the discussion worksheets he gives out every week and make sure you understand them really well. Also pay attention and really internalize the concept test slides he puts on ccle, since his exams not only have problems with numerical or symbolic answers but also short answer questions which test your understanding of the big picture. And also do the challenge problems from the textbook.

An is a great professor, and he will only get better. If you have the chance to take him, I suggest you do

Spring Quarter 2020
David Bauer Full Profile > N/A Overall N/A Easiness N/A Workload N/A Clarity N/A Helpfulness
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David Bauer See Full Profile

Overall N/A Easiness N/A Workload N/A Clarity N/A Helpfulness N/A

Most Helpful Review
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Luca Bertello See Full Profile

Overall 4.6 Easiness 2.4 Workload 2.2 Clarity 4.4 Helpfulness 4.2

Most Helpful Review

Let me start off by saying that Bertello is really not that great of a lecturer. I did't understand a lot of what he was talking about in class and it seemed like no one else did either. That being said, his homework assignments don't take much time (about 10 problems on Mastering Physics each week). He gives a decent overview of what is going to be on the midterm and final before he gives it so there aren't any surprises. It's not too hard to know what study for the test, as long as you give yourself enough time to teach it to yourself, because you won't learn much in lecture. A lot of the problems on the exams are similar to the homework problems or the other examples in the book. Also, he is a pretty nice grader and gives you a slightly better grade than other professors might.

March 25, 2009
Anton Bondarenko See Full Profile

Overall 3.8 Easiness 2.7 Workload 3.3 Clarity 4.4 Helpfulness 4.2

Most Helpful Review

Anton Bondarenko is the biggest of homies at UCLA. He gave out at least 20 PTE's for 1B, so you wouldn't be stuck taking a different (and more difficult) professor. Not only is he super clear and thorough in his lectures, but he also HANDWRITES all of his lecture notes and posts them as well as the slides online. He does do clickers to incentivize you to go to class, but they are only after he finishes a chapter. When it came to exams, Anton sent us a study guide that went over exactly what you needed to know and what you don't need to know, and it really helps with your studying. He also hosts his own exam review sessions, and the questions he goes over during the review are almost identical to the test questions, which are completely fair. I had Bondarenko for both physics 1A and 1B and I'd definitely say his tests were harder for 1B, but by no means impossible. You think it can't get any better, but it does: THE MAN USES BRUINCAST. So literally anything he says or writes is on record, so you will have more than enough resources to help you succeed. Plus, he's super receptive during office hours, and he's probably one of the most patient individuals whom I've met in my life. Overall, I came into physics 1A hating physics and now I'm leaving 1B as a physics double major, thanks to this incredible enigma. Take him and watch the magic unfold.

Spring Quarter 2018
Troy Carter See Full Profile

Overall 4.6 Easiness 2.4 Workload 2.2 Clarity 4.4 Helpfulness 4.6

Most Helpful Review

Professor Carter was awsome! He is by far one of the best professors I've taken. He clearly explained concepts, step by step, ensuring that the students understood what was going on.

Lecture details: He hands out flash cards to all the students, because he does concept tests where he posts a question on the overhead and you hold up your answer. These tests are in no way counted toward your grade. These are just to see if a majority or a minority of the class understands the concept he's trying to convey. He does really exciting and fun demonstrations in class. He even cooked a hot dog using it as a resistor in one of the demonstrations, and one of the students actually ate it...eeww.

Midterms: His first midterm was weighted on the more difficult side, but graded fairly. His exams are heavily weighted on concepts so study these most. The second midterm was a bit easier due to easier material, once again heavily weighted on concepts. The final exam was hard but definately do-able. He focus'es mainly on concepts as opposed to the mathematics, because what he wants you to get from the class is to be able to understand how and why it works as opposed to just being able to solve a problem. He allows one 3x5 index card with equations on it for each midterm and three for the final.

Online reading quizes: He started out where we did these online reading quizes twice a week, Monday and Thursday by 10:00pm, but then realized it was a bit much. So he changed it to Sunday by 10pm which made time management soooooo much easier. These are counted towards your grade but not by much, once again these quizes are for him to see how the students are grasping the concepts from the reading material. At the end of the quiz there is a slot so that you can write in the parts of the chapter that were confusing to you so that he can expand on them in lecture.

Availability: Professor Carter always had an open door and was always willing to help, regardless of time or as an unscheduled office hour. He is an extremely nice guy and very friendly which makes him approachable.

TA: Brian eh......not so good, I went to see a tutor because he didn't seem to care to much about helping out, it always seemed like he couldn't wait until his office hours and discussion were over like he didn't want to be there.

Overall: Professor Carter is a great proffessor he obviously cares about the students, which is rare in classes of this size. He had to put a lot of work himself with all the reading he had to do with our discussion board and the online reading quizes so that he was prepared to teach. All in all, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND him for Physics.

Dec. 17, 2002
Andrea Chaney See Full Profile

Overall 3.7 Easiness 2.7 Workload 3.8 Clarity 3.7 Helpfulness 4.0

Most Helpful Review

The professor clearly cares about her students. She is an extremely effective lecturer, despite (or because) she is a new professor. Her office hours are extremely good too-probably the best I've gone to.

Homework is optional, with practice problems that are short (about 15/week) & cakewalks to complete. However, I'd say that the practice problems were far too easy; they didn't have anywhere near enough calculus or hard problems. The book is useful for explaining conceptual stuff, and even better, you can pirate it easily, with online pdfs literally everywhere. Unfortunately, her reviews for midterms are hit and miss, but more miss than hit. Do them, but often times, you're still screwed for the tests.

The tests, however, are hard AF, but they are curved very generously. She does redos where you can get points back. On my first midterm, my 88% got curved to a 95%, which later got increased to a 98 % after a redo. On my second midterm, my 37 % got curved to a 71%. The tests are definitely not easy. She also says she uses a flat scale, but she really doesn't. In my class, an A- was set to an 86%, after she curved exams.

Spring Quarter 2019
Brent Corbin See Full Profile

Overall 3.8 Easiness 1.8 Workload 2.8 Clarity 4.1 Helpfulness 3.9

Most Helpful Review

If you are not a genius at physics, be prepared to get your mind continuously shafted day, after day, after day. You walk out of every lecture dazed and confused, and pondering your place on this Earth after feeling like you have been beaten over the head with a concrete cinder block multiple times. His tests and final are like being burned with a skewer after spending so many hours studying just to see yourself fail. He has a good rep most likely because the top 10% get some sick thrill from being challenged. Even by going to his office hours twice a week and taking notes like a madman every lecture, you still feel like you have no clue what you are doing on his tests. Unless you are a physics major with some sort of deranged need for complex problems, avoid him and avoid suffering.

Spring Quarter 2015
Ferdinand Coroniti See Full Profile

Overall 3.1 Easiness 1.7 Workload 2.7 Clarity 3.1 Helpfulness 3.2

Most Helpful Review

Coroniti is really kind but his lectures are very proof based, and he does go through them VERY quickly so it can be hard to follow and understand. He also does go over things then says that they aren’t necessary. His tests are long, and although he sends a document before the exams stating the topic of each question, he does put twists on questions. The derivations required on the tests are more complicated than what he does in class and therefore take longer and are harder. I personally scored slightly lower on the first midterm and slightly higher on the second midterm than the average, but still got a C+. Good luck if you take him in the future.

Spring Quarter 2018
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