Physics for Life Sciences Majors: Statics and Dynamics


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Overall Rating 3.7
Easiness 3.3/ 5
Clarity 2.3/ 5
Workload 3.8/ 5
Helpfulness 4.2/ 5
Most Helpful Review
I don't know how she teaches 6B, but for 6A, she was a great professor, genuinely concerned about her students. That being said, she will make you work for the A. It's not impossible, but if you end up with an A in her class, it means you really put in the effort and you deserve it. If you are struggling, you can schedule an appointment with her and she will offer individualized suggestions on improving your understanding and study methods/approaches. She did bombard us with homework and quizzes. There's "pre-quiz" before the material is actually taught, as well as a quiz on previous material and homework due on Fridays. Unless you have a really solid background in physics, the homework can become pretty challenging, not only because of the difficulty but the many problems she assigns. Yes, her midterms/tests are crazy hard, but she tries to model them after the homework problems you do. The first midterm was especially hard because she did not go over any of the "real life science" physics problems with the weird units. After everyone failed the first midterm, she adjusted her test and offered extra credit. There were many times where she offered extra credit (she doesn't curve though). She also welcomed student feedback after every lecture (another extra credit opportunity) and actually listened and adjusted her classes accordingly. I had no previous background before taking this class. I struggled the most during the first few weeks. It does get better afterwards. If you're looking for an easy A, she won't be the best professor for that. But if you don't mind the work, she's incredibly nice, a great person, and good at presenting the material.
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